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a water-covered field where rice is grown
farming in seas and ponds
newly industrialized country (NIC)
countries in East and Southeast Asia where rapid industrialization has recently occurred
simple pictures of the objects or ideas they represent
a religion based on the teachings of the prophet Buddha
a religion thats basic idea is to live a simple life close to nature in order to be in perfect harmony with the Tao
a religion based on the teachings of confucious, a chinese philosopher who lived from 551 to 479 b.c.
a religion practiced in japan. shintoists believe that gods called kami inhabit natural objects such as rivers, trees, rocks, and mountains
a government ruled by a family whose power lasts for a long period of history
puppet government
a government that is controlled by outside forces
a large cooperative group
double cropping
the farming practice of growing two crops on the same land in the same year
Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
special zones in southern china designed to attract foreign companies and investment to china
martial law
military rule
enormous waves that travel accros the ocean at hundreds of miles per hour and ride up to 100 feet or more by the time they reach shore
to formally join
financial support given by a government
work ethic
a belief that work is good in and of itself
trade surplus
a trade surplus exists when a nation exports more than it imports
urban agglomeration
a densely inhabited and contiguous region surrounding a central city
export economy
a country where most of its manufactured products are made for export to other nations
demilitarized zone (DMZ)
a buffer zone into which military forces may not enter
shifting agriculture
a form of farming when an area is used until the soil is depleted then they simply move to a new area
intensive agriculture
a form of farming that requires a lot of manual labor
a chemical that makes plants' leaves drop off, usually killing the plants
a large group of islands
an intermediate port
a traditional village as well as the term for the slums around Jakarta in indonesia
an authority to rule
a large landmass that is smaller than a continent
tropical cyclone
hurricane-like storms that produce winds above 100 miles per hour and dangerous high seas
a major religion of india and nepal. hindus worship many gods and believe that salvation is offered through dharma, or good conduct
a religion that is a blend of Muslim and Hindu teachings
a plant fiber used to produce coarse fabrics such as burlap and twine
Green Revolution
the name for the introduction of new types of rice and wheat that produce higher yields and require shorter growing seasons
a fine fabric woven from cotton and printed with colorful patterns
areas in which forests and endangered animals are protected
cottage industry
in cottage industries, workers make small consumer items in homes and small workshops
caste system
a social system that divides India's society into four major classes, or castes by occupation.
a region that is divided into different areas called partitions
an agreement to halt active hostility
storm surge
a rise in tide level that occurs as a storm approaches the coast, washing huge waves of seawater over the land
artesian well
well in which water rises toward the surface without being pumped
the study of the geographic distribution of plants and animals
endemic species
plants or animals that originate only in a particular geographic region
mammals that carry their young in pouches
alien species
species introduced to a region by humans
a name for the Pacific region. aptly named, for most of it is water
a ring of small islands built up on a coral reef surrounding a shallow lagoon
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
an area off a country's coast, whose resources are claimed and controlled by that country
polar desert
a high-latitude region that receives very little precipitation, such as antarctica
katabatic wind
a rapid flow of dense cold air down the slopes of high mountains or ice caps