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Where the Andes are at it's highest

the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside of Tibet
the most widely known and accepted Māori name for New Zealand
Asymmetrical Warfare
is war between groups whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly
Berlin Conference
regulated European colonization and trade in Africa during the New Imperialism period, and coincided with Germany's sudden emergence as an imperial power
similar climatic conditions on the Earth, such as communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms,[1] and are often referred to as ecosystems
term often used interchangeably with slum
Central America Free Trade Agreement

s a free trade agreement (legally a treaty under international law, but not under US law)
refers or referred to[clarification needed] an ethnic group of mixed-race people who possess some sub-Saharan African ancestry but not enough to be considered Black under the law of South Africa
Command Economy
It is an economic system in which the central government controls industry such that it makes major decisions regarding the production and distribution of goods and services
Crony Capitalism
term describing an allegedly capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials
occurs when the inhabitants of a country use foreign currency in parallel to or instead of the domestic currency
a trading post where merchandise can be imported and exported without paying import duties, often at a profit
is an economic and monetary union (EMU) of 17 European Union (EU) member states that have adopted the euro (€) as their common currency and sole legal tender
Fossil Water
groundwater that has remained sealed in an aquifer for a long period of time
Annual pilgrimage to to Mecca
is any position advocating annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession, actual or alleged
pieces of property covering very large land areas
an economic and political agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Purpose was to have free trade
branch of agriculture concerned with the raising of livestock
Qanat System
ent system used to provide a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in hot, arid and semi-arid climates
Grassification is the conversion of tropical forest into pasture for cattle ranching
Isolated proximity
in which its geographic isolation sustains its cultural diversity and limited economic opportunities, while its proximity to other countries provides it with transnational connections and economic dependence
the densely populated western, southern, and eastern edges of the Eurasian continent
Supranational organizations
method of decision-making in multi-national political communities, wherein power is transferred or delegated to an authority by governments of member states
Treaty of Tordesillas
divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Spain and Portugal along a meridian 370 leagues[note 1] west of the Cape Verde islands
is the science, production and study of grapes which deals with the series of events that occur in the vineyard
small plot of land - small estate