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How is Canada like and different from the other developed countries?
it is different because it is still a povince of England,and it is bilingual, but it is alike becasue the governments are similar and business patterns are alike as well.
Intervening Opportunities means what?
alternate sources of goods and services.
Where is the Canadian core? Waht geographic factors influence the location of Canada's core?
Around the ottowa region of Canada, and the fact that it is at the end of the St. Lawrence Sea way is where the majority of everything is centered.
What are the determinants of spacial interaction?
Intervening opportunities
What is the significance of theSt. Lawrence Seaway to Canada?
It is the center of economic trade from Europe and other parts of the word with the exception of Asia.
What is ecumene?
protion of a country that is habitable.
What is Transferability?
ability to transport goods cost-effecivly.
Is the ecumene of Canada large or small?
What is spatial interaction?
Interaction over large areas.
What is complimentability?
demand in one place, supply in another.