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Magnetite. Iron ore

K-spar. Ceramics glass

Calcite. antacid fertilizer

Gypsum. Plaster of paris, drywall


Pyrite. Ore of sulfur matches, gunpowder

Garnet. Gemstone, abrasive

Sphalerite. Ore of zinc for brass and galvanized steel

Graphite. Pencils, anodes

Apatite. Fertilizer, pesticides

Augite. Ore of lithium, batteries

Chalcopyrite. Ore of copper

Biotite. Fire resistant tiles rubber paint

Hematite. Paint pigment, iron ore



Plagioclase feldspar. Ceramics, glass

Galena. Ore of lead

Flourite. Ore of fluorine, toothepaste

Olivine. Gemstone, magnesium

Kaolinite. Pottery, clay

Muscovite. Computer chips, electrical insulation

Corundum. Abrasive powders, gemstones

Quartz. Abrasives, glass

Sulfur. Matches, gunpowder

Hornblend. Fire resistance clothing

Talc. Used as a filler