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How did Dr. David N. Fisman and his colleagues figure out the percentage of people that approximately have herpes in the year 2025?
They created a mathematical model
How many types of Herpes are there?
There are two types, Type 1, commonly known as oral herpes, and Type 2,commonly known as genital herpes
What symptoms does type 1(oral herpes) commonly have?
The symptoms are fever blisters on the mouth or face
What does HSV stand for?
Herpes Simplex Virus
By what year will as many as 40% of men and 50% of women aged 15 to 39 in the Us could be infected with genital herpes?
By the year 2025
What is the most common cause of genital disease in America?
Genital Herpes
Can Genital herpes be spread without knowing that you even have it?
Yes, it can be spread with or without symptoms and people usually aren't diagnosed until long after becoming infected
About how much will the cost of infections be in the year 2025?
It will cost about $2.7 billion
How much did the Herpes simplex virus cost in the year 2000?
It cost about $1.8 billion
What kind of symptoms do people with type 2(genital herpes) have?
Type two affects the genital area.
About what percentage of Us adults are infected with genital herpes?
about 22%
What is herpes?
Herpes is a sexually transmitted diseasecaused by a virus called the herpes simplex virus.