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What is the difference between the largest 4-digit number and the smallest 4-digit number?

a. 8999

b. 8000

c. 9998

d. 8888


The Soviet Union’s attempt to establish a missile base in Cuba is interpreted as a direct violation of?

a. the Truman Doctrine

b. the Monroe Doctrine

c. the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT)

d. the Declaration of Independence

the "Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT)"

Which antidote would have a similar effect if vinegar or citrus juice were not available?

a. Milk

b. Raw egg white

c. Vegetable oil

d. Water


Below is the poem written by Edgar Lee Masters in 1915:

What Happened to Tom Merritt?

At first I suspected something

She acted so calm and absent-minded.

And one day I heard the back door shut,

As I entered the front,and I saw him slink Back of the smoke house into the lot,

And across the field.

And I meant to kill him on sight.

But that day, walking near Fourth Bridge,

Without a stick or a stone at hand,

All of a sudden I saw him standing,

Scared to death, holding his rabbits,

And all l could say was,

Don’t, Don’t, Don’t,

As he aimed and fired at my heart.

Which of the following techniques is used in the poem?

a. Verse

b. Rhyme

c. Free verse

d. Personification

Free Verse

Which location should have most nearly twelve hours of day light and twelve hours of darkness during December?

a. a town that is located between the Equator and the South Pole

b. a town that is located close to the equator

c. a town that is located close to the North Pole

d. a town that is located close to the South Pole

A town that is located close to the equator.

How many gallons of water will fill a fish tank that is 18 inches by 12 inches by 48 inches? (There are 231 cubic inches per gallon). Round your answer to the nearest gallon.

a. 45 gallons

b. 40 gallons

c. 47 gallons

d. 38 gallons

45 gallons