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Due Process
every citizen is entitled to equal treatment under the law
The Exclusionary Rule
Part of due process.
When evidence in seized in violation of due process
Judicial Review
review the law for violation of the basic principles of justice
World Trade Organization (WTO)
resolves trade disputes and formulate policy to open world markets to free trade through monetary and regulation of corruption
persuading members of the government to do what you want
trading one vote on another bill that is more personally important
Dreed Scott v Sanford
Supreme Court said no black slave could be a citizen of the united states
a form of government where the people rule
Jet Strem
high altitude winds move storms and create weather patterns
Samuel Slater
created the first textile mill in the united states
Thirteenth Amendment
outlaw slavery in the United States
a tropical grassland supporting herds of grazing animals
Fifteenth Amendment
Citizens cannot be denied the right to vote because of race, color, or previous conditions of servitude
Daninel Shays
leader of the farmers rebellion the western part of Massachusets from 1786-1787
Anne Hutchinson
forced out of Massachusetts Bay Colony because of her religious teachings
a person who starts a business to make a profit
an area of land where less then ten inches of rain falls per year and few plants can grow
a position or place in physical space
Absolute Location
the exact spot where something resides
Relative Location
the location of something in relation to something else
describes the location of a place either east or west of the Prime Meridian
describes the location of a place either north or south of the equator
dividing the earth in half
Eastern Hemisphere
Europe,Asia, Africa, and Oceania
Western Hemisphere
North America, Part South America, and Greenland
Southern Hemisphere
Antarctica, Australia, most of South America, parts of Africa and Asia,
Northern Hemisphere
part of land north of the equator
North Pole
the northern most point on the earth's surface
South Pole
the southern most point on the earth's surface
the study of the earth's surface features
How a Bill becomes a Law by
1. in a house subcommitee
2. on the floor of the house
3. by a congressional conference committee
4. at the white house
Prime Meridian
provides a starting point for the measurement of longitude
Legislative Branch
Makes the laws and sets taxes
Executive Branch
Carries out the laws
Judicial Branch
Judges the meaning of the laws
House of Representative
Represents the people directly. Representation depeneds on the population of the states
Represents the states. Each state has the same number of representatives
supporters of the Constitution
Seperation of Powers
divison of powers among seperate branches of government
President's Role
-chooses people to fill positions
- head of armed forces
- overseas foreign affairs
- Suggests laws to congress
- Veto laws
Checks and Balances
gives each branch a way to check,or limit the powers of the other two branches
Popular Sovereignty
the idea that people living in one area should decide whether or not it would be open to slavery
an economic system based on private ownership of industry, agriculture, and banking
Frigid Zone
Very Cold
Temperate Zone
neither very hot or very cold
very hot