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-ism (combining form/prefix/suffix)
-ism - suffix indicating a condition or state
hyper/thyroid/ism - excessive secretion by thyroid
hirsut/ism - excessive growth of hair or hair growth in unusual places
embol/ism - obstruction of a vessel by a blood clot
hydr/o (combining form/suffix/prefix)

hydro - combining form for water (or fluid)
hydr/o/phobia - fear of water
hydr/o/cele - fluid in a saclike cavity
hydr/o/therapy - water used as a treatment modality
micr/o (combining form/prefix/suffix)
micro - combining form: small size or extent
micr/o/scope - instrument to see small things
micr/o/cephal/us - abnormally small head
micr/o/blast - very small red blood cells
dis- (combining form/prefix/suffix)
dis- a prefix meaning apart, without or undo (greek = two)
di/saccha/ride - CHO made up of two monosaccharides
dis/articulation - amputation through a joint
dis/ease - without comfort/ease; pathological condition
-osis (combining form/prefix/suffix)
-osis - suffix, indicating a condition
cyan/osis - bluish discoloration (usually to skin)
dermat/osis - skin condition; nonspecific type
thrombocyt/osis - increased numbers of platelets
acr/o (combining form/prefix/suffix)
acro - combining form used to refer to extremities
acr/o/dermat/itis - inflammation of skin on extremities
acr/o/megaly - enlargement of the extremities
acr/o/cyanosis - bluish discoloration of the extremities