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The first people to enter an area unknown to them are called __________.
Chapter 14
A Growing Nation
Rolling plains covered with tall, thick grass and few or no trees are called __________.
Which event allowed the United States to buy land from France in 1803?
the Louisiana Purchase
The Cherokee who survived the long journey to the Indian Territory called the route west the __________.
Trail of Tears
The Cherokee who survived the long journey to the Indian Territory called the route west the __________.
Trail of Tears
When people or countries do not take sides in a dispute, they are __________.
Who led the way in the building of the Wilderness Road?
Daniel Boone
Which Seminole leader fought against his people's removal from their lands?
What prevented pioneers from moving to new lands in the West?
the Appalachian Mountains
In his letter to the Creek, President Andrew Jackson persuaded some Indians to __________.
move west
The discovery of the Cumberland Gap allowed many pioneers to __________.
settle in western lands
Who helped Lewis and Clark succeed in their expedition?
What land did some Americans expect to win in the War of 1812?
Benjamin Banneker was appointed by President Washington to __________.
survey land for Washington, D.C.
When Thomas Jefferson became President, how far along was the city of Washington, D.C.?
still being built
The purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to __________.
gather information about the West
One reason the United States went to war with Great Britain in 1812 was to stop the British from __________.
attacking American ships
How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the United States?
It gave our country a new harbor.
Continued fighting between Indians and pioneers led to the __________.
Indian Removal Act
Andrew Jackson was called __________.
the "People's President"
The War Hawks blamed Britain for __________.
the Indian attacks on frontier settlements
Drawing conclusions about information is an important skill because it helps to __________.
put the pieces of information together to mean something