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What are cues??
Pieces of information that influence decisions.
What are signs?
Abnormalities objectively verifiable by repeat examination
What are symptoms?
Data the patient says are occurring, but not verifiable by objective means
What's the database?
All the information gathered about a patient
What are defining characteristics?
Specific S&S attached to the nursing diagnosis that indicate the data from which the diagnosis was derived
In order to function effectively, the nurse must use a method of:
Work organization
If B.A. is admitted with severe abdominal pain, what is the nursing diagnosis?
Pain of unknown etiology evidenced thru continuous abdominal____
What would the diagnosis be if LH has fallen and fx his hip?
Impaired physical mobility as evidenced by XRAY
A patient with burns on chest is admitted. A nursing diagnosis would be:
Tissue integrity impaired as evidenced by Epidermis sloughing off
A paralyzed patient might have what nursing diagnosis?
Disuse syndrome, risk for related to neurological impairment
A pt. with emphysema might have what nursing diagnosis?
Gas exchange impaired AEB SOB