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Order of Sharps
(1-7 possible sharps)
Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle
Order of Flats
(Opposite from Order of Sharps)
Battle Ends As Down Goes Charles Father
Whole Note
Hat Down
one circle emty in middle
Half Note
Hat Up
one circle empty in middle with straight line
Quarter Note
fishing hook
dark circle with staright line
Eighth Note
1 dot connected
1 flyer
Sixteenth Note
2 dots connected
2 flyers
Thirty second Note
3 dotes connected
3 flyers
1 Sharp
G Major
E minor
2 Sharps
D Major
B minor
3 Sharps
A Major
F # minor
4 Sharps
E Major
C# minor
5 Sharps
B Major
G# minor
6 Sharps
F# Major
D# minor
7 Sharps
C# Major
A# minor
0 Sharps
0 flats
C Major
A minor
1 Flat
F Major
D minor
2 Flat
Bb Major
G minor
3 Flat
Eb Major
C minor
4 Flat
Ab Major
F minor
5 Flat
Db Major
B minor
6 Flat
Gb Major
Eb minor
7 Flat
Cb Major
Ab minor
Major Intervals (1-8)
Perfect Unison/Prime
Major 2, Major 3
Perfect 4, Perfect 5
Major 6, Major 7
Perfect 8ve
minor Intervals (1-8)
Perfect Unison/Prime
Major 2, minor 3
Perfect 4, Perfect 5
minor 6, Major 7
Perfect 8ve
Scale (1-8)
1=Tonic 1
7=Leading Note
8=Tonic 1 or 8
C Major Chord

1+3=Major 3rd
1+5=Perfect 5th
G minor Chord

1+3=minor 3rd
1+5=Perfect 5th