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What developments occurred in art? (2)

- more expressive and realistic

- in the 1920s, Berlin replaced Paris as the world centre of art

Who were two important artists?

Otto Dix - honest portraits

Geaorge Grosz - criticised middle class conservatives

What developments occurred in architecture? (3)

- Bauhaus movement combined art and function

- Bauhaus school of architecture

- challenged traditional values

What influenced literature and what developed out of this?

WWI; Weimar classicism. Cultural and literary movement of Europe

Who was a prominent author and what was he awarded?

Thomas Mann; Nobel literature prize

What developments were there in music? (3)

- modern and atonal (jazz)

- threepenny opera criticised capitalism

- expressionist movement (Arnold Schoenberg)

What were the developments in film? (3)

- produced more films than the rest of Europe combined

- many styles to attract ppl and gain more profit

- 1920s world centre of cinema

What new kinds of film movements were there?

- German Expressionism; focus on imagery and symbolism

- New Objectivity; issues of reality

What kind of issues did social and political films cover?

Anti-Semitism, homosexuality, prostitution

Why was there an increase in nightclubs and cabarets in the 1920s?

Influx of American money gave the people more freedom to go out and celebrate more

Who attacked nightclubs?

Both the left and the right

What kind of comedian developed in nightclubs and what did they do?

Political comedians; there was no censorship so they made fun of political leaders (like Hitler)

What new kinds of theatre developed?

- provocative/cabaret

- satire

- proletarian theatre

What was Proletarian theatre and who created it?

Criticism of the middle class; Erwin Piscator

Which Marxist used theatre to his advantage and how?

Bertolt Brecht put communist ideas into his work