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Amplifying host

Spread microbes to other suceptable animals

Pigs are this many times

Dead end host

Microbe cannot be transmitted to any other animals

Many cases the host will die

Hendra virus

5 to 10 day incubation period

Causes pneumonia and edema and encephalitis

Spread by secreations

Bats are a resevoir

Australien bat Lyssavirus

Similar to rabies

Bats are the resevoir

Symptoms: numbness agitarion depression

Bats: weekness or paralysis

Menangle virus

Fruit bats source of virus

Pigs have still bourne babies

No death in adults

Nipah virus

Similar to hendra virus

Causes severe cough in pigs causeing rapid transmission

Humans: fever headaches pneumonia

No human to human contact