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What are the main reservoir for Francisella?


How do humans get Francisella?

More commonly through a tick bite - Dermacentor tick

But also could be through direct contact

WHy is it mandatory to report cases of tularemia to the CDC?

because it could be aerosolised and used as bioterrorist attack.

Francisella is a gram ________ ___________. and _________ intracellular

negative coccobacilli


Francisella infection depends on ______-mediated immunity. WHy is this significant?

cell-mediated. THis is important because it helps it spread from one site of infection to the rest of the body.

Bacteria enters at the site of the bite and produces a what? Once it enters where does it go and what does it cause?

painful ulcer [rabbit hole]

gets into macrophages and travels to reticuloendothelial organs (lymph nodes) and causes granulomas with caseating necrosis. [collection of radishes underground that are rotting in the center]

If you get granulomas in the lymph nodes, what do you get externally?

regional lymphadenopathy


aminoglycosides [sai gardening tool]