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Individuals responsible for the day-to-day operation of a school.
Advanced Placement Classes
Courses taken in high school that allow students to earn college credit.
What teachers teach; also, the content, skills, values, and attitudes students learn in school.
The physical changes in children as well as changes in the way they think and relate to their peers that result from maturation and experience.
Developmental Programs
Educational programs designed to accommodate children's developmental differences by allowing children to acquire skills and abilities at their own pace through direct experiences.
Early Childhood Education
A catch-all term encompassing a range of educational programs for young children, including infant intervention and enrichment programs, nursery schools, public and private pre-kindergartens and kindergartens, and federally funded Head Start programs.
Effective School
A school in which learning for all students is maximized.
Grade Retention
The practice of having students repeat a grade if they don't meet certain criteria.
The individual given the ultimate administrative responsibility for a school's operation.
School District
An administrative unit within a state that is defined by geographical boundaries and is legally responsible for the public education of children within those boundaries.
Social Institution
An organization with established structures and rules designed to promote certain goals.