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Jan 29 '87 - Feb 16 '88
Sensitive, don't like competition/aggressive environments, like peace and comfort, perfectionist- stressed until satisfied, imaginative, keep feelings hidden, conservative life
Feb 9 '86 - Jan 28 '87
Like new challenges, failure doesn't bring you down, generous, confident, trust instincts, optimistic, loyal
Need trust, security, tenderness in a relationship. Like to be intimate and cozy. Do not like drama. More likely to listen to another person's problems than tell your own. You like arts, casual dinners, and just talking. It will take time to find your soul-mate, but when you do, it will be a powerful commitment.
You are intelligent and imaginative. You like reliable work - NO politics and finance occupations.

Career in literature, art, design, public relations, judge, adviser, or secretary
Gentle, open, easily hurt, not romantic, need support. Your ideal person is truthful, gentle, knows how to tease/joke, enthusiastic, not afraid to try new things
Serious with work, organized/logical, determined

Farming, gardening, estate management, medicine, religion, philopsopher, teacher, chef, police
Enthusiastic about relationships, want to date several types of people, bored easily by partner. Ideal partner: independent, has sense of adventure, not moody
Strong points: Optimism, determination.

Travel, design, politics. Travel writer, explorer, advertising/business executive
Feb 20 '85 - Feb 8 '86
Quiet, steady, committed, stubborn, logical, opinionated, solitary, not impulsive, truthful and sincere, patient, relaxed in proper environment, doesn't like deception, need cooling-off period
Attractive, charming, so easy to find partners. But, difficult to commit. You are very picky with your suitors. You need someone that gives you space, but plays and active role in your life as well.
Like positions of responsibility and attention. Like respect, giving orders. Leadership qualities.

Career in law, religion, arts. Manager, entrepreneur, doctor, actor
Feb 2 '84 - Feb 19 '85
Active, intelligent, can see pros/cons, strong-willed, ambitious, sociable, fair with trust, organized. Determination may appear stubborn.
Feb 17 '88 - Feb 5 '89
Charismatic, lively, full of energy/enthusiasm for life, always there for your friend. Frustrated at those that don't try.
Passionate, not afraid of showing feelings, need to feel included in your partner's life, easily hurt
Adapt easily, multi-tasker, clever, negotiate well.

Sales, accounting, publisher, writer, musician