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2 types of alternate leaves
1. compound
2. simple
2 types of needle leaves
1. sheathed
2. unsheathed
2 types of unsheathed leaves
1. needles attatched singly
2. needles attached in clusters/stumps/whorls
(loose needles in winter)
2 types of simple leaves
1. smooth margin
2. toothed margin
-2, 3, or 5 needles/bundle, sheathed
2 or 3=hardpines
5=soft pines
2 types of broad leaf
1. alternate
2. opposite
2 types of leaves
1. broad leaf
2. needle leaf
2 types of smooth margin leaves
1. petiole absent or very short
2. prominent petiole
2 types of needles attached singly
1. needles 4-angular in cross section (on stems, sharp, stiff, spruces)
2. needles flat in cross section (dull, soft)
2 types of opposite leaves
(maple, ash, buckeye)
1. smooth margin
2. toothed margin
willow tree
biggest return tree, have single-bud scales
2 types of toothed margin
1. fine or medium-sized teeth on margin
2. large and coarse teeth on margin
2 types of medium-sized teeth on margin
1. fully toothed margin
2. partially toothed margin
2 types of fine teeth on margin
1. pointed teeth on margin
2. curved teeth on margin
2 types of large and coarse teeth on margin
1. lobed
2. not lobed