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art 1 sec 2 clause 1
requires ea. state to allow those qualified to vote for their own legislatures as well as the House of Representaties
Art 2 sec 1 Clause 2
provides for the presedentiooal electors to be chosen in each state with the manner determined by state legislatures
reserve power clause of the 10th amendment
give states the rts to determine voting procedures
15th amendment
gives freed slaves voting rights
17th amendment
changes the meaning of the art 1 sec 2 to allow eligible voters to elect senators directly
19th amendment
makes it ilegal 4 states to discriminate against men or women in establishing voting qulifications
24th amendment
outlaws the poll tax as a req. for voting
26th amend
prohibits the fed gov. and the state gov fron denying the rt of 18 yr olds to vote in both state and federal elections
the voting rights acts of 1957,1960, and 1965
increased the opportunities for minorities to register and allowed the attorney general to prevent state interference in the voting procedure
the supreme court decision in Baker v Carr (1962)
established the one man, one vote, priciple
supreme court decisions in the 1990's
established that gerrymandering resulting in "majority-minority' districts was unconstitutional