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Match Quality

Special-Occasion dishes with Special-Occasion wines

Match Power and Weight

Heavy dishes with Heavy wines,

Light dishes with Light wines,

Delicate Dishes with Delicate Wines

Look into the Mirror

Mirror flavors and Characteristics that a dish and a wine have in common

Use Wine to Fight Fat

Use Acid and Tannins to contrast fat in a dish.

Acid Cuts through fat.

Tannins stand up to fat.

Flavors work together

Salty and sour flavors bring out the positive characteristics of flavor.

Sweet, bitter, and savory flavors bring out the negative characteristics of flavor.

Think Locally

Pair Regional Wines With Regional Dishes

See The Whole Picture

Take all the components into account (meat, sauce, etc.) when selecting a wine

Success With Spice

Spicy foods pair best with slightly sweet wines.

Spicy foods are a bad match for high tannin wines.

The Sweet Life

Dessert wines should always be sweeter than the Desserts they are served with

Rules were made to be broken

Try new ****!