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What river flooded Carlisle?

River eden

What is the drainage basin like for river eden?

very large so it catches a large volume of rainfall resulting in high discharge.

What are the sides like within the basin?

The sides are very steep so water runs quickly down into the river.

What is the flood return interval?

200 years.

What are the physical causes of the flood?

-heavy rainfall 6th jan for 36 hours, 200mm of rain recorded.

-rain fell on saturated ground so water didnt soak into the ground and straight into the river.

-very high peak discharge of over 1520 cumecs (average is 52).

Human causes of the flood?

-Large built up area, with concrete and tarmac surfaces which are impermeable, little vegetation or soil to intercept rainfall.

-Drains and sewerage systems overflooded into some areas. 25% of the flooded were associated with the overflowing drains.

What are the social impacts of the flood?

-3 people died.

-3000 homeless, temporary accomodation, loss of personal possesions- seperated from community networks.

-Children lost out on education 4 schools severly flooded.

-Increase in stress-related illnesses.

What the environmental impacts of the flood?

-Flooding increased river bank erosion in some areas.

-Rivers polluted with sewage and rubbish.

What are the economic impacts of the flood?

- Year to repair the 100 million worth of damage.

-350 businesses has to shut down as no electricity,transport, telephone services. Trade activities from Carlisle were suspended from the railway station.

-80 buses destroyed, Wariwck road damaged.

-70,000 had no power- sewage works, police station, fire station servely damaged.

-United biscuits, largest employed flooded with 3m of water caused 5m damage. 33 lost job.