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When were the somerset levels?


When were the Bangladesh floods?


What were the physical causes of the somerset levels?


1.The levels are 6 meters above sea level

2.Increasing rainfall

3.Stormiest weather for 14 years

4.Climate change makes flooding 25% more likely

5.12 major storm hit in 2 months

What were the human causes of the somerset levels?


1.70% of SL are used as grassland and the rest is aerable.

2.Aerable land means that trees are cut down meaning less interception resulting in rainfall infiltrating grassland reducing the lag time.

What were the physical causes of the Bangladesh floods?


1.Global warming meant that sea levels rose

2.The steep sides of the Himalayas means that snow melt in the spring and summer increases overall discharge.

3.Monsoon season in May to September resulted in cyclones which meant intense rainfall affecting the discharge of the river.

4. 80% of B lies on a floodplain or delta- most only 1 meter above sea level.

What were the human causes of flooding in Bangladesh?


1. Increasing population resulted in the sinking of new wells resulting in the lowering of the water table and the subsequent subsidence of land making it even more prone to flooding.

=Urbanisation in Dhaka with population of 1 million

2.Deforestation in Himalayas =no leaves to intercept , no roots to bind soil in place. Destabilised slopes leading to landslides and soil erosion.

How far are the somerset levels above sea level?

6 meters

What are the chances of flooding with climate change present in SL?


What percentage of somerset level land is used as arable land?


When are the monsoon seasons?

Between May to September

how much land is on a floodplain in Bangladesh?


What is the population in Dhaka?

1 million

What were the social impacts in the SL?


1.Crime and looting

2. A303 disrupted- long journey times/ no transportation meant that children couldn't go to schools

3.600 homes affected

4.Farmers lost up to £10 million

5. Muchelney village cut off for several weeks

How many homes affected in SL?


Which major road was disrupted in SL?


Which village in the somerset levels was cut off for several weeks?


What were the political and economic impacts in the SL?


1.cost of flood was £1.1 billion

2.Environment agency cut budget by 25%-28% which meant a loss of 900 jobs

What were the environmental impacts of the SL?


1. 17,000 acres of land flooded

2. barn owls,otters,hedgehogs,birds affected

3. hibernating animals like voles affected

4.Wailing birds benefited from creation of new wetlands

How many jobs were lost due to the environment agency in SL? And why?


because they cut the budget by 25%-28%

How much land was flooded in the somerset levels?

17,000 acres

Who benefited from the SL floods?

Wailing birds because of the creation of new wetland

`Social impacts from the B floods?


1.36 million people made homeless

2.800 people died due to disease

3.Rural farmers most affected

4. Urban slum dwellers squatting on poorly drained land

5.Boats afloat on runway of Sylhet airport

6. Infrastructure and transportation-15,000 km road damage- aid cannot rescue quickly

7. Crops lost leading to food shortages

What was the value of damage in B?

$2.2 billion

What were the economic impacts in B?


1. Cost $2.2 billion

2. Between July and August estimated 38% of total land was flooded including 800,000 hectares of ag. land and the city Dhaka.= economy fell

3. Crops lost- 500,000 tonnes of rice has been ruined in the fields= decrease in food production

4. Factories who employ over 2 million people were shut down or ruined

Describe the environmental impacts in B?


1.River bank erosion

2.Soil erosion

3 Water login in urban areas

4.Water contamination leading to health issues - 60% of Dhaka had dirty floodwaters polluted with sewage, exposing 5 million people to serious health hazards.

How much of Dhaka had polluted floodwater?


How many people were at serious risk to contaminated water in B?

5 million

How much rice was ruined in b?

500,000 tonnes

How much of road damage was ruined in B?