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Define Logistics
Planning and carrying out movement and maintenance of
* Material * Personnel
* Facilities * Services
Define Combat Service Support?
The essential functions, activities, capabilities and task necessary to sustain all elements of operating forces.
Strategic logistic
National resources are used to accomplish objectives
Operational logistic
Campaigns and major operatioons are planned and conducted to accomplish strategic objectives.
Tactical logistic
Battles and engagements are executed
What are the six functional areas of tactical logistic?
* Maintenance
* Engineering
* Transportation
* Health Services
* Supply
* Service
Define Combat Service Support Element
It provides a fll range of CSS neccessary to accompliush the MAGTF mission( only one CSSE in MAGTF)
What are the seven principles of Logistic Support
* Flexibility
* Economy
* Attainability
* Responsiveness
* Simplicity
* Sustainability
* Survivability
Describe the Organizational Level of Ground Equipment Maintenance
Unit performs organizational maintenance on its assigned equipment
Describe the Intermediate Level of ground equipment
a center does all the maintenance for the units
Describe the Depot Level of ground Maintenance
THe equip[ment requires a major overhaul or rebuild
Discuss Organizational Maintenance 1st and 2nd echelon
*1st Echelon - user performed
*2nd Echelon - scheduled Maintenance
Discuss Organizational Maintenance 3rd and 4th echelon
*3rd Echelon - Performed by skilled personnel. Adjusting, aligning, diagnostic
*4th Echelon - Semi-fixed or permanent shops of intermediate maintenance activities
Discuss Organizational Maintenance 5th Echelon
* Overhauling or rebuilding end items
Describe the following terms

1 of 6
restored to a complete serviceable condition
Preventive Maintenance

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Care and servicing to help maintain the equipment

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Restore as much to original condition

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restore through a serviceable condition through correction of a specific failure

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Item unfit for use