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What are some muscle strength excercises?
bicep curl, bench press, squat, lunge w/ weights
What are some muscle endurance excercises?
sit ups, push ups, etc.
What is a good exc. for triceps?
tricep kick-backs/ tricep extensions
What is a good exc. for biceps?
bicep curls/ hammer curls
What is a good exc. for the chest?
butterfly, bench press
What is a good exc. for hammstring?
hammstring curl
What is a good exc. for glut?
What is a good exc. for quadracept?
leg extensions
What is a good exc. for the calf?
calf raises
what does eccentric mean?
muscle elongation
What does concentric mean?
muscle contracting
What does static mean?...what are some static examples?
not moving...pressing against immovable obj.
What does dynamic mean?...What are some examples?
moving...strength training
What is the diff. b/w men's and women's strengths?
men- 66% strong upper body, same lower body...women- same lower body as men
What are anabolic steroids?
black market drug used for power and strength injected directly into muscle.
What is flexibility?
The range of motion at a joint or serios of joints.
What is the highest sodium food at fast food restaurant?...highest fat?
hotcakes (McD)...taco salad (Taco Bell)
What is the major nutritional drawbacks of fast-food restaurant?
sodium, fat, calories
What is body composition?
ratio of fat to muscle and bones
Can muscle and fat be interchanged?
NOOOOO...fat sheds away so you can see the muscle underneath.
What % is obese? What % is morbidly obese?
What does overweight mean?
Begin over height and weight chart says you should be.
What are the health risks for excessive weight?
incr. risk of lifestyle related disease ex. heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, elected blood press, elevated heart rate, constipation
What is android?...issues w/ it?
male fat distribuition patterns, shaped like apple...easiest to lose, composed of abdominal fat.
Where does android shapes store fat?...Why is it dangerous?
fat stored in abdomen, neck, lower back, and chest...pressures organs, prone to lifestyle related diseases.
What are 5 ways to assess body composition? explain them.
1. skin fold calipers (good testers make it accurate) 2. bioelectrical impedence (current measuring speed of water thru body, not very accurate) 3. water displacement (hydrostatic weighing tank, accurate!) 4. DEXA Scan= (like MRA machine, 99.2% accurate) 5. chemical analysis (at death)
How do you assess BMI?
weight (kg)/ ht (m³)
What are adipose cells? Name 2 things they do.
fat cells...1. hypertrophy (size incr) 2. hyperplasia (# incr)
How does genetics influence weight management?
alot is genetics but alot of it is incluenced by parents after birth.
What is the set point theory of weight control?
Body defends a certain weight b/w approx. 10 lbs either up or down
How does excercise influence long term weight management? 2 reasons.
1. meain reason for obesity is sedentary life style! 2. excercise elevates metabolism.
How does excercise elevate your metabolism?
1. Cardiovascular- burns food off faster for 3 hrs after excercising 2. weight-training- incr. muscle mass so round the clock incr in metabolism.
What does BMR stand for?... What is it?
BMR- basal metabolic rate...amount of calories/energy required to sustain life while in rested and fasted state.
How do you calculate BMR?...If active?
weight (kg) * 24 (hr/day)...2 * BMR
What is anorexia nerviosa?...what's the recovery rate?...what is the illness's description?
starvation...33%...mental disorder manifesting itself in phys. strength
What are the 4 types of bulemia? describe.
1. excercise bulemia (eat alot and excer. alot) 2. laxative abuse (use lax. to go to bathroom alot) 3. diuretic abuse (use water pills to pee) 4. vomiting
Which is most dangerous type of bulemia?...why?
diurectic...b/c it messes w/ Na and K levels.
What type of person is commonly anorexic?
wealthy female teenage w/ perfectionistic mother and absent father.
What is stress?
subjecting body to unaccustomed work loads.
What are two type of stress?...describe.
1. eustress (good stress) 2. distress (upset, nervous stress)
Name 3 personality types...describe.
1. Type A (self-controlled, disciplined) 2. Type A w/ hostility (road ragers) 3. Type B (relaxed, easy-going, procrastinator)