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Another name for the "age of reason"

The Enlightenment

What did the Age of Reason stress?

The value of rationality over faith, senses, & emotion

Where did the Age of Reason originate?


What was the Age of Reason?

An age of scientists & mathematicians who attempted to unlock the secrets of the universe using the powers of human intellect

What organization was Joshua Reynolds president of?

Royal Academy

What did Joshua Reynolds believe all artists should do?

That they should base their work on masters

What is an allegory?

A form of art in which human character personfiy certain qualities on ideals

What is Neoclassicism?

It was a visual expression of the ideals of the enlightenment

What was the goal of Neoclassical artists?

The supreme object was to paint a moral lesson that would educate and improve the viewer

In the painting, Cornelia Pointing to Her Children as Her Treasures, what are her treasures?

Her children

What ancient art was neoclassical art modeled after?

Greek & Roman

What artist is considered to have created the "perfect expression" of Neoclassical art?

Jacques-Louis David

Name 3 works by Jacques-Louis David

-Oath of Horatii

-Bonaparte Crossing the Great Saint Bernard Pass

-Death of Marat

What virtues does the Oath of Horatii emphasize?

Patriotism, Self Sacrifice, Fidelity to a higher purpose

What ruler was a patron of David?

Napoleon Bonaparte

How as Bonaparte Crossing the Great Saint Bernard Pass different from previous works?

Instead of horizontal & vertical lines, David used diagonal lines that succeeded movement

Name 3 works by Francisco Goya

-The Third of May

-Saturn Devouring His Son

-Great Deeds - Against the Dead: The Disasters of War

How was Goya's work different from Davids?

-Instead of smooth and clear, Goyas works were rough & course, "wild strokes"

List 3 or 4 differences between Romanticism and Neoclassicism

-Romanticism rejected logic & order

-Neoclassicism prized civilization

-Romanticism didn't believe nature could be controlled above all

-Neoclassicism had mostly peaceful landscapes

What was the leader of the Romantic movement?

Theódore Gēricault

Who succeeded Theódore Gēricault when he died?

Eugēne Delacroix

Who painted Raft of the Medusa?

Theódore Gēricault

Who painted Liberty Leading the People?

Eugēne Delacroix

Did Romanticism replace Neoclassicism?



Broad strokes, lack of distinct outlines, blending colors, gradient of light, dark themes

Who used Painterly themes primarily?

Romantic Artists


Sharp outlines, clear & defined forms. Solid areas of color

Who used Linear art primarily?

Neoclassical Artists