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Version 3 - Popular but older version of Novell NetWare. May no longer be supported by Novell by the end of 2000. User logs onto a particular server. Bindery maintains file system
User logs onto a particular server. Bindery maintains file system
What is the difference between version for 3 and 4
Version 4 - Unlike version 3 this version allows single network login. Bindery replaced by powerful NDS database.
What is the main difference between 5 and 3&4
Version 5 - Allows administrator to use IP protocol instead of Novell’s proprietary IPX/SPX protocols.
State three advantages of an Ethernet based metropolitian area network over a sonet based metropolitian area network
1. Less expensive
2. Ethernet Man's are well understood
3. Scales easily from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps
three advantages that Sonet has over Ethernet
1. Capable of sending data at hundreds of millions of bits per second.
2. The network topology is a ring. This allows them to have a low failover time
3. Most Mans are supported by Sonet
Wide area netwok uses a ________ design
What is Ipv6 main features include.
a. Simplier
b. 128-bit address
c. Priority level and quality of parameters
d. No fragmentation
2. The Domain Name System distributed database of __________ and __________.
a. URL’s and IP address
allows each node to maintain its own routing table
a. Distributed Routing
4. What is the primary advantage of distributed routing?
a. No single node is responsible for maintaining a central routing table
b. If any node crashes, it will probably not disable entire network
c. A node will not need to send a request to a central table, since each node has its own table.
5. What is the subnet responsible for?
a. For getting the data to the proper destination node, which then delivers it to the appropriate destination station.
6. What is the primary advantage of using centralized routing?
a. Is that all routing information is kept at one node or site.
b. Minimize routing table storage
c. Eliminates multiple tables having conflict data.
7. What is the major disadvantage of having centralized routing
is putting all your eggs in one basket syndrome
Causes of congestion on the network
communication links
node failures
Insufficient buffer space at a node in a subnet can also cause network congestion
The term "frame" is used at what layer of the OSI model (packet switched)
Data link layer
The term "packet" is used at what layer of the OSI model (packet switched)
network layer
The physcal network design of a wide area network, or its subnet has three basic forms
circuit-switched, packet-switched, and broadcast
An alternated solution to controlling the flow of packest betwee n two nodes is ____
buffer preallocation
explain buffer preallocation
before one node sends a series o packets to another node, it first check with receiving node to find if it has enough buffer space for N packets.
How do solve the problem of congestion between node and station
choke packet
or permit system when the it limits the number of packets a station could send.
What is the only technology that successfully supports Quality of Service?
ATM ( asynchronous transfer mode)
A Local Area Network is a _________
One of the three subnets
Paremeters used by network users and the network to establish minimum guidelines for proper transfer of data. these guide lines inlude transmission speed, level or errors, and overqall network thoughput
QOS Quality of Service
What is a virtual circuit packet-switched subnet
All packets that belong to a logical connection can followe the same path though the network.
What is cicuit-switched subnet
in which a dedicated cicuit is established between sender and receiver, all data passes over this circuit.
What is an example of a circuit switched subnet
dialup telephone system.
What is the main responsibility of the internet protocol?
provides a connectionless data transfer over heterogeneous networks by passing and routing IP datagrams
What is another name for datagrams
data packets
The main responsibilty for Transmission Control Protocol
is to turn an unreliable sub-network into a reliable network that does not lose or duplicate packets
IP header contains information that the router needs. What is the information that the router needs
address information, datagram sixe, and the time the datagram was created. This information is applied to transport packet and the internet network layer
When a router has the IP datagram, it may make several decisions affecting the future of the datagram. The router
makes routing decisions based on the address portion of the IP datagram
May have to fragment the datagram into smaller datagrams
May determine that the current datagram has been hopping around to long and delete the datagram
__________ is used to send e-mail attachments.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME)
is used to transmit e-mail messages.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
_______ and__________ are used to hold and later retrieve e-mail messages.
Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
A voluntary set of rules for passing messages and maintaining newsgroups.
A newsgroup is the Internet equivalent of an electronic bulletin board system.
What is the difference between IP address and Port number
The IP address identifies a device connected to the Internet and Port number identifies and applicaion on that device.
Many agree that e-commerce consists of four major areas:
1. e-retailing
2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
3. Micro-marketing
4. Electronic security
Is UDP and TCP the same thing? Explain
No, TCP connection oriented in that a connection via port number must be established before any data can transfer between sender and receiver. UDP is the same except is connectionless
What are the four headers in UDP
Source Port, Destination Port, Length, Checksum,
_______ takes an IP address in an IP datagram and translates it into csma\cd address for a local area network
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
_________ lets an router represents an entire local area network to the internet as a single IP address
NAT (network address translation)