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-inflicts pain, harm, injury, and embarrassment
-usually stopped when a child is hit in the head
PE class as sports camps
-use of sports teams in secondary school, which are completely different from exercise continued after high school
solutions for one ball...
-be creative and maximize equipment
negatives of students on display
-not beneficial for low-to mid skilled students
-embarrassing,pressure and misuse of time
duck duck goose
-half the students are never picked, select few picked and the others are picked for ridicule
-few participants, batter on display to be embarrassed, hitting out members with a ball
one line, one ball, one chance
children wait too long, then are under pressure because of the lack of equipment
characteristics of hall of shame activities
a. very hard tasks
b. complex directions
c. self activities
d. breaking rules
e. overemphasis on winning
solutions to PE class as sports camps
-focus on the long term values of health, the environment and fitness
students on display
=one student performs a skill while everyone else in the class sits and watches
relay races
-each person goes only once, with attention on the ones that make mistakes, and only goal is to win
simon says
-early elimination of unskilled, singling out, one winner, low participation, low fitness
musical chairs
-elimination game with least skilled players out first, embrarrassed, and no way to improve
solutions of students on display
-use station work with small groups
inappropriately sized equipment
=use of regulation equipment and official rules
roll out the ball
-students are given a piece of equipment and forced to create their own game
why was the hall of shame created?
-to focus on developmentally appropriate programs that achieve the physical, cognitive and affective components of PE
solutions to student captains choose teams
-teacher makes the decision making and grouping
solutions to roll out the ball
-plan, organize, present, and evaluate lessons
elements to get into hall of shame activities
a. no objectives of the game
b. potential to embarrass
c. focus on elimination
d. lack of teaching motor skills
e. low participation time
f. too large of groups
g. danger, injury, harm
solutions to inappropriately sized equipment
-use smaller eqipment for safety and help students develop correct technique and skill
-modify rules
students captains choose teams
promotes embarrassement, humiliation, degrading, and pain
negatives to roll out the ball
-no curriculum, no goals, no objectives, no value
what is suggested as a minimum participation time
about 50%
Physical Education Hall of Shame