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Calculate rating

rating = % of total potential viewing audience turned to particular audience

rating= People or households(HH)/ Population

HUT ( Households using TV)

all ratings added up

Calculate Share

share = % of the total current viewing audience tuned into particular program

share = Persons or HH/ HUT or PUR

cumulative audience (cume)

REACH ( esti. # of diff people who listened/viewed at least 5 mins within a given day part)

5 mins don't have to be consecutive.

What are two primary demographic, psychographic, or lifestyle characteristics used in buying TV ads?

Gender and age


C3, what people are using to buy/sell advertising time


LIVE plus SD

LIVE plus 7 day


Live = HH tuned into a program, with VCR, allotted time

LIVE + SD = Live + DVR throughout 24hr pd

Live + 7 = Live and DVR in 7 day pd

C3 = 3 day commercial time

ratings are a _____ tool


shares are a ____ tool

programming tool

RADAR reports measure...

network radio listening


participants' values, interests, attitudes, behaviors, etc

# of TV HH in America

160.3 million

# of TV markets does Nielsen measure


# of radio markets Arbitron measures

Difference between Nielsen people meters and Nielsen set meters

people meter gives info of what is being watched and by who (national)

set meters large to mid-size market, only what being watched and when. Demographics in diaries

NTI measures

National Television Index reports national data

NSI measures

National Station Index reports local data

how do Arbitron PPM ratings work?

Personal People Meters measure all types of radio. each station has been encoded with a special inaudible code that is picked up by those with meters carried by PPM panelist

Telephone coincidental survey

People call in the viewer to ask what they are watching on TV

DMA is

Designed Market Area; TV market area. Each county in its own DMA

TSA is

Total Survey AREA; region where audience survey is conducted. Mix of MSA and DMA (broadcasters)

MSA is

Metro Survey Area; region representing metro area (cities; more for radio)

AQH is

Average Quarter-Hour; avg # of persons/HH tuned into a specific channel for at least 5 mins during a 15 min segment

How many times must radio listener be listening in the quarter hr for the to count as having listened for the entire quarter hr?

5 mins (AQH)

Difference between polychronic viewing and monochronic

Polychronics multitask, monochronic watch show and nothing else

Revenue and readership trend for newspapers

All going down to due internet

Pass-along rate

differs amongts media, how many people a single copy of a book, newspaper, etc

In what decades did readership research become primarily quantitative?


What is paywall?

Stops you from going on website unless you pay

types of publishing research

readership, circulation, management, and website usability

Item-selection study is

determines who reads certain parts or sections of print/online media

reader/non-reader study is

get non-readers to read online publications (print to online)

readership profile is

provides a demographic summary

Type of newspaper/mag research that is largely proprietary

circulation; anything with economics

lifestyle segmentation

people are categorized by their interests, activities, attitudes, behaviors (routined, relaxed, harried)

Aided recall

respondent is shown copy of media to help them remember certain ad, article, program, etc

unique user

How many people access the site

some things measure with readability research is

FOG INDEX, readability based on sentence length & # of syllables per word

Pyramid Model

-Unique indentified users

-unique visitors


-page views