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significant figures are important because they indicate

precision of a measurement

which unit is the smallest


which of the following would NOT be a physical change.

A. freeze water

b. boil water

c. melt gold

d. tear aluminium

e. burn gas


stored energy

potential energy

energy of motion

kinetic energy

convert 105 F to C


how many cals are required to raise te,p of 150 g of golf from 25c to 195c. SH is .0308


a diet has a total calorie intake of 1760 kcal. diet consists of 50% carbs, 35.5% proteins and 14.5 fats. what kcal fat


the heat of fusion is the amount of heat necessary to change one gram of substance from soloid to _______


a kilocalorie of heat is required to raise temp of

100g of water by 10C

a primary substance which all other things are composed of are


a burn from steam at 100C is expected to be more severe that from boiling water at 100C because

the steam will give off a large amount of heat as condenses

the atomic number of an atom is equal to the number of


what is mass of copper with 36 neutrons


valence electrons are located

outmost energy level of atom

isotopes of given element

have different mass numbers but identical number of protons

the modern periodic table arranged by

increasing number of protons

the identity of an element is determined by its

number of protons

how many significant figures in 45.030


the energy associated with the motion of particles is called


the ability to do work is


absolute zero is

the coldest temp possible

the change of state from solid to gas is


the charge on the electron is


which of the following statements concern subatomic particles

three fundamental types, two of which are charged

the nucleus of an atom

accounts for only a small amount of the total volume of an atom

whats correct about D

maximum 14 electrons

regions of space where electrons are likely to be found are