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children of men director

alfonso cuaron

children of men theme

immigration and hope

children of men style


memento critique

unique non-linear format

memento structure

one in color, one in black/white

memento business strategy

repeat business, had to see it twice to understand

blair witch project

used internet based marketing, no stars or special effects or monsters but made $249 million

run lola run genre


run lola run director

tom tykwer

run lola run featured

strong female protagonist

run lola run theme

free will vs determination

run lola run showed?

butteryfly effect, small events can change everything

silence of lambs genre

police procedure/horror

silence of lambs director

jonathan demme

silence of lamb featured

strong female protagonist in man's world

silence of lamb themes

llooking and seeking

silence of lambs uses?

parallel editing with wrong establishing shot to create surprise element

the limey director

steveen soderbergh

the limey writer

lem dobbs

the limey genre

character study

the limey theme

realism vs memory

blade runner director

ridley scott

blade runner similar to?

fritz lang's metropolis, where wealthy live above the workers

blade runner theme

man vs god or humanity

blade runner ranking

one of the most important sci fi movies of the century

blade runner replicants?

empathy test is used, questions focused on the treatment animals

blade runner eyes

used as a motif

blade runner makes us think?

forces audience to think what it means to be human, question if deckard is human

the godfather director

francis ford coppola

the godfather is?

epic american crime film

godfather theme

blood family and business family

godfather regarded as?

one of greatest films in history, #2

godfather grossed

$268 million and saved paramount

godfather vito?

a family man, wants to keep family together

godfather first scenes

first scene is don vito's office, wedding is outside the house

godfather kay

kay wears red under she marries michael

godfather baptism

good example of paralle editing

godfather doors

used as motifs

how was filmmaking affected in 2000's

change in technology and delivery

2000's fahrenheit 9/11

earned over 100 million and won top prize

2000's march of penguins

cost 8 million earned 78 million, highest grossing nature documentary

2000's social networking

hollywood used social networking to market films

2000's growth

grew in torture/gore horror films

1990's decade known for?

money, mega spending and special effects

1990's came out with


1990's what was made

manyy best box office hits of all time were made

1990's global formula

star power, actions over dialogue, simple stories

1990's digital revolution

filmmakers used CGI

1990's independent films

became popular, many studios made them

1990's DVD effect

made shorter theater release times, longer shelf life and easy distribution

1980's decade

consolidated gains made from previous decades, did not make new trends, also called blockbuster mentality

1980's high concept films

plots that could be easily defined in 1-2 sentences

1980's top gun

example of loud and simplistic film influenced by MTV generation

1980's post apocalyptic scenes

mad max and terminator

1980's brat pack genre

breakfast club and pretty in pink

1970's ancillary markets

emerged for hollywood's products, like HBO

1970's production

no longer controlled by studios, now independent producers took over

1970's roger corman

film maker of the 1950's and 1960's, king of b-movies, took new students from ucla, usc, nyu, gave them first start

1970's subgenre development

subgenre of adventure films, such as mega disaster, big budget extravaganzas with special effects, perilous situations, laughable gimmicks, etc.