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Writing with light and the static representation of light.
Negative photographic image on transparent material, which makes possible the reproduction of the image.
Records the phases of an action
Series Photography
A cylinder-shaped camera that creates exposures automatically, at short intervals, on different segments of a revolving plate.(chrono-photographic gun)
Revolver Photographique
A single portable camera capable of taking twelve continuous shots;(another version of the chrono-photographic gun).
Fusil Photographic
Camera exposed to light, allowing radiant energy to "burn" a negative image onto a frame.
Lab technician washes film with processing chemicals.
Where rapid succession of still photographs can be recorded onto perforated cellulose acetate.
Shoots light through the positive and prints it onto the raw stock to make and exact copy.
Contact Printer
Film is run through a projector which shoots through the film a beam of light intense enough to reverse the initial process and project a large image on the movie screen.
The guage or width, of the film stock and its perforations, measured in millimeters.
The first motion picture camera.
Compact, portable, hand-cranked device that was a camera, processing plant, and projector all in one.
Process by which the human brain retains an image for a fraction of a second longer than the eye records it.
Persistence of Vision
The illusion of movement created by events that succeed each other rapidly.
Phi Phenomenon
Occurs when a single light flickers on and off with such speed that teh individual pulses of light fuse together to give the illusion of continuous light.
Critical Flicker Fusion