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Thomas Edison created a studio to shoot his earliest films. It was called

Black Maria

Actualities can be best described as

snippets of every day life

During early film exhibitions, what kind of control did the exhibitors have over films?

vertical integration

Edwin Porter's film Life of an American fireman revolutionized what part of the filmmaking process?


Nickelodeon's were

cheap theatres

Beginning his career as a magician, which filmmaker was known as the "magician of the cinema"


In film, close ups are said to have what effect?



Mis En Scene includes

Everything but sound

What movie was the first ever to be screened at the white house?

The Birth of a Nation

Soviet Montage can be best described as

juxtaposition of scenes being shot

The Kuleshov Effect can be described as

editing impacting the way you look at a scene

How did disillusionment after World War 1 help shape German Expressionist films?

people went to the movies more

had a distortion of reality

Chiaroscuro is a technique used in both German Expressionist painting and films and can be defined

play between light and shadows

Genre can be best described as

style or category of films

How did continuity in scripts streamline the filmmaking process?

it made it faster for movies to be filmed and edited

The big 5 studios practiced vertical integration. This meant films controlled which part of the film making process




How did sound increase the need for censorship

it became very suggestive

Why were camera blimps used?

to block out the sound from the loud cameras

Who established the Hays Office Codes

The movies

How might Mis En Scene contribute to the moral or immoral characteristics of a character

things could be suggestive

How many parts does classic hollywood film structure have?


How do you define a motivated edit

edit that happens at the most logical point

Hollywood films are said to suture the audience into the film, what does that mean?

get lost in the film

INR films often had radically different endings than classic hollywood films. How would you characterize the ending of an INR film?

had open ended scenes

where were the INR films shot?

on location

INR films relied on big name stars to make hollywood style films


what characteristics did French New Wave share with Italian Neo Realism?

showing reality


lifes uncertainty

How do you define camera pen?

it's a film maker as an artist showing his own personal style

What was the Cahiers Du Cinema?

film reviewers

Why can we describe French New Wave films as being self reflexive?

FNW filmmakers had an acute awareness of the history of film

Why can we call French New Wave Film makers rebels?

focus on urban life, a new younger generation who did not follow the stuffy norms of their parents’ generation.

How did New Wave Cinema turn filmmaking into art?

began designing scratching and painting the film to get the desired effect.

Why might we say that New Wave films depicted instability?

distinctions between reality and an interior state of mind are not clear

What characteristic did Cinema Novo share with Italian Neo Realism?

political activism and did a lot for social and political change

Why could we call cinema novo films desperate?

reflected political, aesthetic, and ethical necessity.

What was the relationship between fine artists and experimental film makers?

they focuse on experimenting with using film to create new ways of seeing cinema and the role around them.

Why can we say some experimental film makers were interested in the film strip as a canvas?

filmmakers focused on shapes, light, colors, and arrangements to create new ways of seeing.

How did small cameras change the documentary film making?

people could be flies on the wall

What as the purpose of "uncontrolled cinema"

to capture everything as it unfolds

Why did the hollywood studios start taking risks on low budget films?

people had little expectation

How would you define a youth pic?

critique of old cultural norms, and it was meant to engage young audiences

How did films like the graduate and the Easy Rider change movie theatre habits?

it became more of a place to have fun

What role did music play in films like graduate and easy rider

made the sound-track album a source of profit.

Why was it so shocking that the film Midnight Cowboy won an Academy Award for best picture?

It was X-rated

How do you define tent pole films

entertainment journalists are able to report on big-budget tent pole movies in production or in the planning stages to generate interest and gossip for a film