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The new Food Guide issued by USDA

My Plate

The two food groups that should be 1/2 of your plate

Fruits and Vegetables

The grain that should be part of your diet

Whole grain

Whole grain consists of all of these three parts of the kernel of grain

1) Endosperm

2) Bran

3) Germ

What 3 reasons cause Americans to be overweight?

1) Diets high in fat

2) Not enough activity

3) Supersize or large portions

What 4 nutrients on the nutrition facts panel should be consumed in limited amounts?

1) Saturated fat

2) Trans fat

3) Sodium

4) Cholesterol

4 Examples of good calcium sources but w/ extra calories

1) Ice cream

2) Frozen yogurt

3) Pudding

4) Flavored milk

What is the calcium value of butter & cream cheese?

There is no calcium value--both products are fats

What kind of milk is a healthful choice?

Skim or non-fat milk

When selecting canned fruit, which kind should be chosen?

Canned fruit in fruit juice

The 8 main food allergens

1) Milk 2) Eggs

3) Soybeans 4) Wheat

5) Peanuts 6) Tree nuts

7) Fish 8) Seafood

The 6 nutrient health claims that have been scientifically proven

1) Calcium reduces risk of osteoporosis 2) Low fat diet can reduce risk of cancer 3) Low cholesterol diet can lower risk of heart disease

4) Fiber can reduce risk of some cancers & heart disease 5) Sodium increases blood pressure

6) Folic acid can lower risk of neural tube birth defects

The 3 gov't agencies that ensure a safe food supply

1) FDA - Food & Drug Administration

2) USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture

3) FSIS - Food Safety Inspection Service

The FDA's procedures/jobs

1) Enforce food labeling and processing laws

2) Ensure additives are safe to eat

The USDA's procedure/job

Inspect and grade meat

The FSIS's procedure/job

Inspect and grade poultry

The 5 points of info required by law to appear on the food label

1) Identity of contents

2) Amount of contents

3) Nutrition facts panel

4) Ingredient statement

5) Name & address of manufacturer

The section of the food label that contains the nutrition info

Nutrition Facts Panel

Why does the law require labels to include the name & address of manufacturer?

So a consumer is able to contact manufacturer to make complaint/get info about product

How to prevent food borne illness

1) Clean hands, counter-tops, cutting boards, utensils

2) Wash fruits & veggies

3) Store food at correct temp.

4) Avoid the danger zone of 40-140° and serve hot foods hot, cold foods cold

5) Cook at safe temp.

6) Refrigerate foods for up to 2hrs after serving, then throw away

7) If in doubt, throw it out!

4 Symptoms of Food borne illness

1) Nausea

2) Vomiting

3) Diarrhea

4) Headache