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Subtitle of 1 Timothy

"Conduct in the church"


Author of 1 Timothy


Recipient of 1 Timothy who was a youthful and apparently timid and reserved individual who often suffered from poor health; pastor of Ephesus

Extensive instructions on proper Church conduct

Content of 1 Timothy

Between 1st and 2nd Roman imprisonment

Date of 1 Timothy


1 Timothy is the first of Paul's ____ epistles

1 Timothy 2:5

Reference that refutes prayers to Mary or Saints and confession to priests by telling us that there is only "one Mediator between God and man....Jesus"

"God was manifest in the flesh"

How does 1 Timothy 3:16 declare the Deity of Christ

"Setting the Church in Order"

Subtitle of Titus


Author of Titus


Recipient of Titus; pastor on the island of Crete

Conduct manual for church living

Content of Titus

Church organization

Keyword of Titus

Titus' leadership in organizing the church

Theme of Titus

Between 1st and 2nd Roman imprisonment, just after 1 Timothy

Date of Titus

Titus 2:13

Reference that declare Christ's Deity calling Jesus "the great God and our Savior"; calls the Rapture the "blessed hope", a hint of a hope of a pre tribulational rapture

Titus 2:11

Reference that declare that all men are drawn to and have opportunity for salvation, declaring "For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men"

"Paul's final commission"

Subtitle of 2 Timothy


Keyword of 2 Timothy

Encouraging faithfulness in the ministry

Theme of 2 Timothy

God breathed

What does "inspiration" mean?

"The superiority of Christ and Christianity"; "A call to faithfulness"

Subtitles of Hebrews

1. Alexandrian: Paul

2. African: Barnabas

3. Roman:

Traditional views of the author of Hebrews

Group of Jewish believers under persecution for their acceptance of the Christian faith and now tempted to turn back from Christianity and Judaism

Recipients of Hebrews


Keyword of Hebrews

Hebrews 11

Key chapter of the Hebrews

Superiority of Christ, Christianity, and New Covenant/testament

Theme of Hebrews

To prevent readers from abandoning their faith in Christ

Purpose of Hebrews

Old Testament Sabbath

Celebrating God's finished work in creation

New Testament sabbath

To have rested "or ceased from his own works" in an attempt to earn or keep salvation

1. Not conditional

2. Inner desire for righteousness

3. Permanent relationship

4. Knowledge of God

5. Forgiveness of sin

5 reasons New Testament is superior to the Old

Hebrews 12

Which chapter tells of God chastening all His true children

"Strength for suffering"

Subtitle of 1 Peter

Simon Peter

Author of 1 Peter

Addressing all of northern Asia minor

Recipients of 1 Peter

Message of hope and encouragement to suffering saints

Content of 1 Peter


Keyword of 1 Peter

Proper response to Christian suffering

Theme of 1 Peter


Which Gospel reflects the teachings of 1 Peter

To be garrisoned or guarded about

"Kept" means...


What our response to suffering should be

1. Trials are temporary

2. Blessings are eternal

3. Trials produce blessings and purify our faith

3 things we must know to rejoice in suffering

1. Called to suffer

2. Follow Christ's example

3. Remember Christ's suffering

How to endure suffering

1. Sin

2. Bitterness

3. Evil words

4. Retaliation

4 things for which suffering is no excuse

1. Obedience

2. Win lost husband with life not lips

3. Be pure

4. Be beautiful within

Surrender of the wife to her husband's leadership by:

1. Respect for authority

2. Pure testimony

3. Not with sermons, nagging, condemnations

How those under authority are to win their authority to Christ

1. Live his life with her

2. Learn about her needs

3. Honor and protect her as weaker vessel

4. Love her as spiritual equal

5. Failure to treat her properly results in unanswered prayers

How husbands surrender to wife's needs

"A challenge to spiritual growth"

Subtitle of 2 Peter

A call to battle spiritual error with spiritual truth

Content of 2 Peter

Spiritual growth

Theme of 2 Peter

After Peter's arrest

Date of 2 Peter

1 Peter: suffering is coming

2 Peter: suffering is here

Comparison of 2 Peter with 1 Peter

2 Peter: false teachers are coming

Jude: false teachers are here

Comparison of 2 Peter with Jude

1. Written to defend against false teachers

2. Final books penned by these Apostles

3. Each waiting for execution while these letters were penned

2 Timothy and 2 Peter were both:

1. No passage is the writer's own interpretation or opinion

2. No passage is the reader's own interpretation or opinion

3. No one passage is to be interpreted apart from all of scripture

3 principles of Biblical interpretation

Eternal security

In 2 Peter 2 :6-9, references to "just Lot" vexing himself with sin in Sodom and his being

called "righteous " provide an example of...

Apostate false believers, not believers who lost their salvation

2 Peter 2: 20-22 speaks of....

Jude, brother of James and half brother of Jesus

Author of Jude


Jude was written as a defense against an early form of ....

A battle cry, call to arms, a commission to defend the Faith

Content of Jude

Contend for the Faith

Keyword of Jude

Defence against apostasy

Theme of Jude


____ of the 25 verses in Jude find parallels in 2 Peter