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Her reply astonished me.

It astonished him that she had changed so little.

What astonishes me most is his complete lack of fear.


astonished to see/find/hear/learn etc

We were astonished to find the temple still in its original condition.astonished by/at

I was astonished by the result.

astonished (that)

I’m astonished that you should even think such a thing!

SYN amazement

in astonishment

She stared at him in somebody’s astonishment

To my astonishment, the car was gone.

SYN amazing:

an astonishing decision

their astonishing success


an astonishingly good voice


SYN judge

assess the impact/extent/

effectiveness etc of something

a report to assess the impact of advertising on children

assess what/how etc

The technique is being tried in classrooms to assess what effects it may have.

be assessed as something

Many of the adults were assessed as having learning difficulties.

• The assessor stated that the fire damage was not as severe as the hotel's owner had claimed.

assessment of

What’s Michael’s assessment of the situation?

a reading assessment test

I had to make a quick assessment of the situation and act accordingly.

do/carry out an assessment

A teacher does a yearly assessment of each child’s progress.

What’s your personal assessment of the risks?

Commence( formal)

Your first evaluation will be six months after you commence employment.

commence with

The course commences with a one week introduction to Art Theory.

commence doing something

The planes commenced bombing at midnight

commencement of

the commencement of building work

جوهر اساس

nounessence جوهر ذاتessentialsinessentialsadjectiveessentialinessentialadverbessentially