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What is the main function of the FADS III in config.1
provide air to two working divers and one standby diver operating at a moderately heavy workrate to a max depth of 190'fsw
In addition to providing air to two working and one standby diver the ASRA is also capable of.
1.used to charge SCUBA bottles
2. Support TRCS
How many composite flasks are contained in the AFRA (air flask rack assembly)
In what two configurations is the Enclosure assebly for the ASRA not used.
2.DSPS (drive and dive) system
What is the floodable volume of each flask and how many cubic feet of gas can be stowed at 5000 psi
floodable volume 3.15 cu ft
gas in stowage 9000 cu ft @ 5000psi
The top port flask isolation valve on the ASRA is fitted with a rupure disk that will burst at how many psi?
when pressure exceeds 8000psi
How many banks are contained within the ASRA and how many flasks to each bank.
3 banks

Bank 1= 3 flasks
Bank 2= 4 flasks
Bank 3= 2 flasks
The bottom port flask isolation valve funtions as a condensate drain and is fitted with a thermal fuse designed to open and relieve system pressure as
the ambient temp reaches or exceeds
217 degrees F
The relief valve on the ASRA HP charging port will lift at
5500 psi
The relief valve at the SCUBA charging prot wil lift at.
3300 psi
IF the volume tank assembly(VTA) is not used with the FADS III how should the CCA be set up
set up and secured using the most appropriate means availible that will allow acess to the front and rear panel assemblies
What should be removed from the CCA prior to pressurizing to prevent over pressurization
in the event one or bolth relief valves lift
The Blow out Plug
(should only be installed before stowing the CCA to help prevent contamination of interior componets.
What two supply ports can be used interchangeably as the hose connection points for the two HP hose assemblies for primary and secondary.
Port A and B
The primary and secondary regulators on the Control Console Assembly have a range of how many psi. and a max working pressure of..
40-400 psi

max working pressure 275 psi
At what pressure will the relief valve located downstream of the regulator on the Control Console Assembly lift.
300 psi
True or false
you can switch the primary and secondary air tags on the control console assembly once diving operations have begun.
How many in line filters are on the control console and what is their size.
2, 10 micron inline filters
How many relief valves are on the control console and what is their lifting pressure
2, they lift at 300 psi
What are the two functions of the volume tank assembly
1. cool air coming from the compressor
2.keep air stowed at an equalized pressure
What are the requirements for the LP hose assembly
1. Have a working pressure of 275psi
2.passing a hydro test for 5 min @550 psi
What is the storage capacity of the volume tank assembly
30 gallon tank stores 80 cu ft of air @ 275psi
What is the relief valve setting for the VTA on the FADS II
300 psi
What 4 compressor systems are approved for use with the FADS III
1.Bauer electric
2.Bauer diesel
3.MAKO electric
4.Mako Diesel