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What were the names of the rulers of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus' voyage?
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
What was Christopher Columbus' main goal?
To find a western trade route to Asia.
What were the names of Christopher Columbus' three ships?
The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria
How did Juan Ponce de Leon die?
He died of a wound from the "Indians" never finding The Fountain of Youth.
Did Christopher Columbus believe that the world was round or flat?
When Christopher Columbus died did he realize what he had really discovered?
No. He died believing that he had reached the Indies
Columbus' men were on the verge of mutiny. What does this mean?
It means that they were going to overpower him
How did "Indians" get their name?
Christopher Columbus thought that he had reached the Indies so he called the natives Indians.
What did Juan Ponce de Leon discover?
"La Florida" or Florida
What country did Juan Ponce de Leon sail for?
Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain but what country was he from?
What is an Explorer?
Someone who searches and explorers unknown lands or places.
What was Jacques Cartier's major achievement?
He sailed down the St. Lawerence River and claimed parts of Canada for France.
Jacques Cartier began sailing down the St. Lawerence River thinking that he was doing what?
He believed that he had found the shortest trade route to Asia.
For what country did the navigator Jacques Cartier sail for?
Juan Ponce de Leon was also in search of what mythical object?
The Fountain of Youth
What was The Fountain of Youth suppose to do to you?
It would keep you young forever.
Why did Juan Ponce de Leon name the land he discovered La Florida?
It was full of flowers
What River did Jacques Cartier sail down?
The St. Lawerence River
Was Jacques friendly or mean to the "Indians"
friendly. He invited two to serve as interperters aboard his ship.
What country did Christopher Newport sail for?
What an European?
Anyone from the continent of Europe.
How many voyages did Christopher Columbus make?
What country sponsored Christopher Columbus?
What is Christopher Newport famous for?
Founding the settlement of Jamestown, Va.
Who set sail in 1492?
Christopher Columbus