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Reasons people were involved in exploration

They had accurate maps and better traveling instruments

Reasons to explore

Get Asians spices cheaper by finding direct route Asia

Christianity exploring

They wanted to explore and spread Christianity to counteract islam

People involved with exploring

Henry the navigator and Ferdinand Magellan

War during exploration

Spanish explorers killed many Aztecs and Incas to get their gold and silver


Europeans got rich off of colonies

Europeans colinies

They had 13 colonies in America started the revolutionary war

Columbian exchange

Exchange of of ideas animals and diseases between Europe and the americas

Start of Columbian exchange

Christopher Columbus's crew brought diseases and then soonly after created the Columbian exchange


Measles smallpox brought by Europeans

New products for the Europeans

Tomatoes potatoes Turkey's corn cacao beans peppers tobacco

New american products given

Banana grapes coffee olives chicken rice horses cows pigs sheep


Horses were the way to get around

Eating habits

They changed eating habits all over the world


Native Americans were treated as slaves


System when the government of a country controls everything in its colonies and colonies resources to make their main country and government stronger