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What is an active cell?
The cell into which the data will be entered when you begin to type. A selction border around the cell identiifies it as an active cell.
How do you select a range of non-adjacent cells?
Click the first cell or range of cells to be included in the range. Press and hold down the Cntrl key and select the other cell or range of cells to be included.
When are the Cancel and Enter buttons displayed in the application window?
While information is being typed into a cell or when a cell is being edited.
How do you AutoFill a series that contains the months in a year?
Enter the name of the month to be used as the first month in the series into the active cell. Then click and drag the Fill Hangle to select the adjacent cells required for the series. When the mouse button is released, the selected range will be automatically filled.
When do you have to clear or erase a cell instead of editing the cell?
When you want to empty the cell of all information instead of replacing the currant cell contents with new information.
Cell A2 contains the number 8, cell A3 contains the number 4, and cell A4 contains the number 6. What will be the result of the formulas =A2-A3*A4 and =(A2-A3)*A4?
The result of A2-A3*A4 is -16
The result of = (A2-A3)*A4 is 24
If Formula AutoCorrect detects an error in a formula, and you do not accept its suggested correction, what does Formula AutoCorrect then display?
It displays a dialog box telling you that there is an error in the formula. This dialog box also contains suggestions about where the error could have occurred in the formula and how to correct specific types of errors.
Would Formula AutoCorrect detect the errors in the formula =F7 x 8 G?
Yes.-Formula AutoCorrect can detect all mistakes contained in this formula.
What is a function?
Predefined formula that is provided by Excel.
What method can you use to edit ranges in a natural language formula?
Open Formula Palette and either type in the correct range or select the correct range from the worksheet or each argument edit box contained in the formula.
What method can you use to edit the ranges in the function =SUM(C4:C15,E4:E15)?
Activate the Range Finder and drag the appropriate colored border to the correct ranges.
Why do some cell addresses remain the same when a formula is copied?
When a copied cell's address does not change, an absolute reference (a cell address with dollar signs) was used in the original formula.
Why should column headings be right aligned, text bolded, font sizes increased or decreased, rows and columns inserted or deleted, column widths or row heights changed?
To make it easier to read and analyze the data contained in a worksheet.
What is the purpose of AutoFit?
To have Excel calculate the column width based on the length of the longest entry in the columnm, or row height based on the contents of the largest entry in a row.
What must you do to center text across several columns?
Select a range of cells (in one row) in the columns that you want to center the text in. Ensure that only one cell in this range contains data. Then click the Merge and center button on the Formatting toolbar.
Can cells containing numbers or formulas also contain different formats for each character in the cell?
No, only cells containing text can contain different character formats.
What procedure should you follow to change the font attribute from Bold to Italic in a cell?
Select the cell and click the Bold button (or press Cntrl +B) to remove the Bold attribute. Then, while the cell is still selected, click the Italic button (Cntrl + I) to add the Italic attribute cell.
Cell C7 contains the formula =(C4+C5+D5)*$E$2. After inserting a blank row into Row 5, what is the formula updated to?
If numbers are displayed correctly in a cell, why should you take the time to format the cell with one of the number formats?
In case the number changes and the new number does not fit into the same general format as the other numbers. Formatting the numbers guarantees that the numbers will always be consistant.
When formatting a number as a percentage, what does Excel do before displaying the formatted number?
Multiplies the number by 100.
What is the difference between Currancy and Accounting formats?
Currancy: Displays the dollar sign in the front of the number and right aligns the number in the cell.
Accounting: displays the dollar sign at the left edge of the cell and aligns the number according to where the decimal points positioned in the number.
What does the code 0.00 indicate in a formatting code?
The number will display with 2 decimal places.
When would you open the Format Cells dialog box to create a border rather than use the Borders button?
To change the line style and color that will be used in the border, or to add diagnal borders to a cell.
When would you use the Edit Clear Format option?
When a cell contains formatting that you want to remove, but you want to leave contents of the cell intact.
What is the purpose of the Add to dictionary button in the Spell Check dialog box?
Use the Add button to add words to the custom dictionary. Any words in the custom dictionary will always be assumed to be correctly spelled.
What is the purpose of the Zoom buttom in the Print Preview window and what shortcut replaces the Zoom button?
Zoom button is used to look more closely at the previewed document. Clicking zoom once magnifies the doc. Clicking zoom again shows the full page. The mouse pointer is in the shape of a mangnifying glass when in print preview. Click the mouse on any area of the previewed page adn that are of the page is magnified. Click once agian to see the full page.
When can you use the Print button on the Standard toolbar?
Once all Print settings have been defined in the Print Dialog box, use the Print button to send the doc automatically to print. If no settings have been defined in the dialog box, the Print button can be used, but Excel will assume that the whole doc is to be printed, one copy, to the default printer.
What are the 3 ways of selecting a portion of a worksheet to print?
Select the area to be printed first. Then define the print area using
A) Page setup box
B)File Print Area, Set Print Area Option
C) File menu, Select Print and then choose selection and click ok.
When using the Find command, what happens if the Look in text box is set to Formulas?
Excel will only look in the contents of formulas for the searched text.
What should you do before you create a new folder?
You should locate the drive and/or folder in which you want to create the new folder.
What happens if you save a workbook in Excel 5.0 format?
When you save the doc, Excel 2002 will warn you that some features may not be compatible and promt for confirmation that you want to save it in the Exel 5.0/95 format.
What is intranet?
Internal networks that allow general access to information that would be of interest to company employees.
What happens when you save an entire workbook as a Web page?
Excel produces a seperate HTML file for each sheet in the workbook and places them in a newly created folder.
How do you ensure that your Web Page is updated automatically whenever you update the worksheet?
Yes, choose file, Save As Webpage, and then click the Publish button, click the AutoReplace Everytime This Workbook Is Saved box and click Publish to save the Webpage.
Why are hyperlinks valuable?
Hyperlinks can be used to navigate quickly to other locations in the same doc or Web address. Hyperlinks can also be created to email addresses.