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Where is the Marianna Lowlands region located?
In the Florida Panhandle between the Apalachicola and Choctawhatchee rivers.
What are the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Regions known for?
Beautiful Beaches
What are most of the islands in the Florida Key made up of?
Layers of limestone and coral.
Name some Barrier Islands?
Daytona Beach, Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Panama City Beach
What region are Florida's Ten Thousand Islands located?
The southernmost Gulf Coastal Plains region.
What region do the Florida Keys belong to?
The southern most part of the Coastal Lowlands
Name the most famous Cape in Florida?
Cape Canaveral
Name Familiar cities along the Atlantic Coastal Plain?
Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, St Augustine, Cape Canaveral, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Miami
Name Familiar cities along the Gulf Coastal Plain?
Pensacola, Panama City, Tampa, Cape Coral, Naples, Marco Island
What is the Marianna Lowlands region known for?
Beautiful scenery and gently rolling land with dense forests, small lakes and several large caves.