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How do prokaryote cells divide

Binary fission

3 domains




What are flagella used for


Mitochondria function

Site of energy production

Protein composition and monomer

C, H, O, N, S

Amino acid

Nucleic acid comp. and monomer

C, H, O, N, P


Lipids comp. and monomer

C, H, O, N, P

1 glycerol + 3 fatty acids

Name of substance that triggers ovulation

Luitinising Hormone

Lactic acid equation

Glucose = ATP + lactic acid

What do valves do

Prevent backflow and maintain blood flow in one direction

What do enzymes do

Increase rate of naturally occuring reactions

Why use scientific name rather than common name


In latin so dont change

Not open to misinterpretation through translation

Outline main components of controlled experiment

Should usually have 1 variable and all other factors are controlled

How is photosynthesis an anabolic and endergonic reaction

Requires energy (endergonic )

Constructs complex molecules from simple (anabolic)

What happens at krebs cycle

Pyruvate converted to acetyl-CoA which then feeds into krebs cycle for further oxidation

What do prokaryote cells contain

ribosomes, cell wall, vacuole

where would starch be seen in onion cell


livers role in digestion

assist physical digestion (bile)

if ideal conditions, stomata would

net output of water/oxygen

net input of CO2 because photosynthesis rate greater than cell res.

it would be expected that self pollination

would produce offspring that have less variation compared to plants that pollinate by vectors

organelle name that would produce enzyme that digests starch to maltose

ribosome or RER

function of golgi

packages materials into vesicles for secretion

role of plasma membrane

contain cell contents

regulate input and output of substances

what gives leaves green colour


what form is digested carbs absorbed and where

as glucose in small intestines

how do plants gain inorganic nutrients

from air or soil

asexual reproduction examples

binary fission, budding, spore formation, fragmentation, regeneration, vegetative.

what is binary fission

single parent cell divides into 2 daughter cells Eg. amoeba, paramecium and bacteria

what is budding

parent cell produces bud, it gets detached and develops into individual Eg. yeast, hydra

what is spore formation

reproduce by producing spores and develop into individual Eg. fungi, fern, bacteria

do unicellular organism reproduce sexually?

No, they do not produce gametes

what process produces cells in scar tissue


why does guttation occur in high humidity

as a result of high water vapour in air, water lost from leaves are unable to evaporate

what physical feature of RBC assist in carrying oxygen

biconcave disk shape

how is diffusion different from active transport

- moves with concentration gradient

- no expenditure of energy

molecule that moves by active transport and where

glucose actively absorbed in small intestines

why don't RBC undergo mitosis

- no nucleus

- new cells formed in bone marrow

define chemosynthesis

organisms that use inorganic molecules such as sulfur as an energy source.

define amphibian

organisms that live both in water and on land

why is moisture required for gas exchange

diffusion of gases occur more rapidly through water.

organic and inorganic molecules in photosynthesis

inorganic: CO2 and water

organic: glucose

role of chlorophyll

acts as a light trapping pigments. the light energy harnessed used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen ions

name of light independent reaction

dark reaction, calvin cycle

what is meant by asexual reproduction

does not involve fusion of different gamete

what is the controls in experiments

The factor that is kept the same for comparison

how is protein used in body cells

as structural proteins for support