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Marx and Engels proposed that capitalism divided people into two classes. They were....

Capitalists and the proletariat

European goals for establishing colonial systems in Africa included....

have colonies pay for their own administration

have administrators on the spot to preserve the peace

attract European missionaries, settlers and merchants


Which of the following was an achievement of the Meiji Restoration?

The creation of tax reforms and a unified currency

The establishment of an advanced civil service system

The building of telegraph lines and railroads


Progressive reformers in the US supported all of the following, EXCEPT....

Insuring workers against illness, accidents, and old age

Which of the following was NOT an important cause of the Great War?

Religious differences among the European powers

The western front during the Great War was...

a conflict characterized by trench warfare and bloody stalemate

Which of the following best describes what liberalism sought to accomplish?

To limit state power while expanding individual rights and freedoms

Which of the following best describes what European reactionaries (conservatives) sought to accomplish following the defeat of Napoleon?

To reverse democracy and reestablish monarchical rule

Russia engaged in territorial expansion

To counter expansionists moves by Japan, China, Britain, and the Ottoman Empire

Elements used by various European nations to build nationalistic sentiment included all of the following, EXCEPT...

a rejection of social Darwinist theory

_____ and _____ led unification movements in Germany and Italy, respectively.


The US occupied Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines after its victory in....

the Spanish-American War

The Boers (or Afrikaners) were....

Descendants of original Dutch settlers in South Africa

Which of the following was most important to Indian nationalists seeking to define India as a separate "nation"

Recovery of ancient Indian and Hindu culture traditions

What effect did the Great War have on the status of women?

Women in many countries received the vote in the years after the war

During the late 1800s, imperialism was encouraged by all of the following EXCEPT...

Notions that all peoples of the world, great and small, were created equal

Which of the following was most important to Sun Yat-sen as he sought to define the "Chinese" nation?


The Boxers in China sought to...

Destroy foreigners and their influence in China

The social Darwinist believed that....

It was natural for the strong nations to dominate the weak


Portrayed non-western peoples as exotic, sensuous, and economically backward

Problems and anxieties in Europe and the US in the decades leading up to the Great War included all of the following EXCEPT....

Fear of nuclear war and the end of humanity

Chinese Nationalists...

Believed that eliminating foreign influence was an essential step toward nationhood

In Russia, in October 1917....

left-wing socialists calling themselves Bolsheviks seized power

After being opened by American Commodore Perry, Japan quickly...

Implemented modernization programs and expanded its own borders

The Great War....

Remained limited to European soil

Involved only European soldiers

Was relatively limited in scope w/ few casualties