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DECIDE framework

- Determine the goals

- Explore the questions

- Choose the evaluation approach and methods

- Identify the practical issues

- Decide how to deal with the ethical issues

- Evaluate, analyse, interpret, and present data

Determine the goals

- goals guide evaluation by helping to determine its scope, so identifying what these goals are is the first step in planning an evaluation

Explore the questions

- in order to make goals operational, we must clearly articulate the questions to be answered by the evaluation

- questions can be broken down into very specific sub-questions to make the evaluation even more fine-grained

Choose the approach and methods

the evaluation approach influences the kinds of methods that are used

- combinations of approaches and methods are often used to obtain different perspectives

- each type of data tells the story from a different point of view

- these perspectives give a broad picture of how well the design meets the usability and user experience goals

Identify practical issues

- some issues to be considered include access to appropriate users, facilities and equipment,whether schedules and budgets are realistic and whether the evaluators have the appropriate expertise to conduct the study

- there may have to be compromises that involve adapting or substituting methods

- suprise events may occur

Decide how to deal with ethical issues

- professional organisations provide ethical codes that expert members to uphold

- all data gathering requires to consider ethical issues but especially evaluation as the participants are often put into unfamiliar situations.

- people's privacy should be protected

- personal records shoud be confidential

- informed consent form

guidelines for informed consent form

- tell participants the goal of the study and what they should expect

- explain that their sensitive information is confidential

- make sure that they know that they free to stop anytime

- decide whether it is appropriate to provide incentives such as food, book tokens or payment

avoid including quotes and descriptions that provides clues from the person's identity

- ask persons permission to quote them