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The first winter after the France and the UK declared war on Germany they stayed put right behind the Maginot line, and people called it this…
Phony War
The safe retreat of 300,000 British troops across the British channel took place at...
British Prime Minister who urged the Brits to fight against the German’s
Winston Churchill
Also known as Operation Sea Lion, included the Blitz of London
Battle of Britain
Name of Hitler’s attempt to take over Russia
Operation Barbarossa
Act that allowed Roosevelt to sell or lend war materials to “any country the President deems vital to the defense of the US
Lend-Lease Act
Japanese attack on American fleet in Hawaii
Pearl Harbor
Hitler’s fast moving, “lightning war”
Military device used to detect planes
Military device used to detect submarines
How did the Axis powers achieve victories in 1939 and 1940?
By using air and land power
How did operation Barbarossa affect the Battle of Britain?
It helped the Brits by diverting Hitler’s attention towards Russia
What goals did Japan pursue in Asia?
To conquer China and gain European possessions in Southeast Asia
Why did General Tojo order a surprise attack on the US?
To keep the US from interfering in their plans to take over lands in Asia and the Pacific