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examines the ethical dimensions of problems at both the roots and the advances of technology, medicine and biology in their application to life It therefore covers a broad area.
a technical way of stating that we have an obligation not to harm people.
Informed Consent
Is the knowledge of and consent to a a particular medical treatment before that treatment is administered. It involves Competency of patient, disclosure of medical patient, disclosure by medical professionals, comprehension of information by patient, and voluntariness not given undue pressure.
Human Genome
the collection of genes 150000 - 300000 genes produceing three billion pairs of genes which collectively build and run the human body.
A nucleic acid within the chromatin of a cell that contains the chromatin of a living cell which contains a genetic code and transmits a hereditary pattern.
A specified segment of DNA whose sequence encodes the structure of a protein; genes are responsible for the inherited characteristics of all life forms.
The complete set of genes in an organism.
Genetic engineering
A technology used to alter the genetic material of living cells so that they will produce new substances or perform new functions.
Gene Therapy
the insertion of normal or altered genes into cells in an attempt to overcome the effects of defective genes.
a plant or animal into which has been inserted DNA from another species.


A gene cell or other organism that is genetically identical to another gene, cell or organism; also to create such a genetically identical organism.


The Developeing human from about two weeks to about eight weeks after conception.


The Cell created by the union of the sperm and the ovum that will develop into an Embryo.


The unborn offspring from the end of the eighth week after conception until birth.

In Vitro Fertilization

A process by which an egg cell is fertalised by a sperm cell outside of a women's body


Ending life painlessly by withdrawing treatment or removing life support or using lethal drugs

Physician assisted suicide

When a doctor administers a lethal drug or equipment or gives the patient the lethal drug or equipment.