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what voltage of electricity is used to power the electric submersible pump?
440 volt
when should you use two submersible pumps in tandem?
if the static head is greater than 70ft
what are the different types of portable eductors on board ENTERPRISE?
peri-jet and S-type
what size hoses are used for the peri-jet eductor?
2 1/2 inch and 4 inch discharge
which eductor can pass an object up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter through without clogging it?
peri jet
with regards to a fire, what is the buffer zone?
the area between the primary and secondary fire boundaries
what is active de-smoking?
rigging portable de-smoking equipment to de-smoke buffer zone
the narrow V(hi-velocity) on a vari nozzle is used for what?
actual fire fighting
the wide V(low velocity) on a vari nozzle is used for what?
for cooling
the solid stream on a vari nozzle is used for what?
breaking up deep seated fires and debris
deep fat fryers are protected by what fixed fire extingushing system?
APC aqueous potassium carbonate
how does APC aqueous potassium carbonate system active automatically?
at 360 degrees the fusible link melts and activates the system
how long does a 50lb CO2 bottle last on the CO2 hose reel system?
45 seconds
how long is the hose on the CO2 hose reel system?
how do you activate the CO2 hose reel system?
pull the pin on the top of the bottle
open the valve on the top of the cylinder
pull the pin on the handle