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What's the first shot of anchor chain called?

Swivel shot

What does RED DECK mean?

No landing, taking off, starting/ shutting down of aircraft, ship is free to move

Who is the Legal Officer?

LTJG Ponishion

At what temp must a heat stress survey be taken at?


How much does the Anchor weigh?

30,000 lbs

True or false the POD is considered an unclassified document?


How long does an EEBD last?

15 mins

What kind of anchor does Comstock have?

Navy standard stockless

What are the 2 legal logs in Engineering?

Engineering log and Bell log

How many fire pumps on board?


Who is the Gas Free Engineer on board?


How many .50 cal mounts does Comstock have?


Who is the MCPON

Master chief Stevens

What is the electrical load capacity for 1 shore power cable?

400 AMPs

How many blades are on each propeller?


What toxic gas exist in the sewage space and what does it smell like?

H2S and smells like rotten eggs

What sound powered circuit does the ship lookout use?


What type of fire main loop does Comstock have?


How many 5th and 6th deck tanks does Comstock have for ballesting?

63 tanks

What color helmet does a rigger wear?


What is the max speed of Comstock?

24 Knots

How is potable water made on comstock?

2 stage reverse osmosis

The Sea and Anchor detail is what kind of watch bill?


What is the normal pressure for firemain on comstock?

150 psi

At MOPP level 2 what does personal need to carry?

Gas mask

What decontamination kit does ship board personal use?


What is the length of the comstock?

609' 7"

What does D.T.G stand for?

Date time group

What is the max range of RAM?


What sound powered circuit is used for com's with REP 5&6 DCC?


How many rounds of ammunition does the CIWS hold?

1550 rounds

Who is responsible for the Deck log?


What does S.D.S stand for in regards to Hazmat?

Safety Data Sheet

How many SPA-25G are in CIC?


What does CIWS stand for?

Closed in Weapons System

True or false we have 3 types of stretchers on board?


How many refueling stations does Comstock have?


What color helmet does safety officer wear?

Green and white

What is the Navy's birthday?

Oct 13 1775

How many cranes does the comstock have?

3 (20, 60, & 15 ton)

Which historic battle was considered the turning point of WW2?

Battle of midway

What is the rate of fire for the CWIS?

4500 RPMs

What are the 2 types of Gyro that we use and where are they located?

WSN-2 and MK-27 @ 03-55-0-C

What is the official momenclature of the trash can antennas?


What are the 3 levels of war?

Tatical, Operational, Strategic

How many FOP's does Comstock have and what are their locations?.

2 FOP's main 1&2

How many "HF" receivers does Comstock have on board?


What is the range of air seach radar?

250 NM

How many line shaft bearings does Comstock have?

9 total (6stbd, 3port)