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Todd is a health psychologist. He is most likely to study
How emotions affect health.
Aretha had a tough week filled with many stressful events. Which one of them was a chronic stressor?
Another poor company quarterly report meant that she would have to do without a much-needed raise.
Within a month, Vanessa got married to her childhood sweetheart, started working in her dream job, moved to a nicer apartment in a better neighborhood, and lost her beloved dog whom she had had since her 10th birthday. Accordingly, if she takes the Life Experiences Survey, the results would probably show that
The loss of her dog had the most negative impact on her health.
Vanna has been working for several years at a high-paying but stressful job and has developed high blood pressure and an ulcer. Selye would call this response
Jenna was running in her first marathon when her ankle brushed against a sharp object and started to bleed. She continued to run, oblivious to the raw wound, thanks to which endocrine gland?
The Pituitary gland.
Which of the following people has developed what Hans Selye referred to as a 'disease of adaptation'?
Paul, who came down with a cold after a week of difficult final exams.
Which of the following is an emotional stress response?
Becoming depressed.
Alan experienced ruminative thinking when he
Was unable to think of anything but the F grade that he had received in algebra.
On his way to pick up Maria for their first date, Tony realizes that he has forgotten to shave. "Oh my," he thinks to himself, "I look really bad. She'll probably slam the door in my face the moment she sees me! And she'll tell everyone at school! No girl in her right mind will go out with me after that! What's the use of even showing up at her place? Gosh, I wonder where the nearest monastery is?" Tony's thinking is an example of
Janis froze when she spotted the scorpion walking towards her. It never occurred to her to block him by using the book that she was reading. Janis was experiencing the cognitive stress response known as
Functional fixedness.
The mayor of a small town announced that the town's drinking water was found to be highly contaminated with a pesticide. Which of the following of the town's citizens was apt to be most stressed by the news?
Lou, who was surprised to learn that, contrary to his belief, the water supply was not being monitored on a regular basis.
Which of the following people is using a problem-focused coping skill?
Kelly says, "I talked with the manager and found out what I could do."
When he received a 'Dear John' letter from his girlfriend, Bobby refused to believe that their relationship was over. He kept waiting for her to call; saying that she changed her mind. Which type of emotion-focused coping was Bobby using?
Because of low ratings, the station manager fired four young women in one day. Which one of them is using a cognitive style that is likely to insulate her from the stress of having been fired?
Ricki, who regards the firing as a personal challenge and a 'wake up' call to search for a better job.`
Which of the following appears to have a "Type A" personality?
Randy, who works round-the-clock in order to outdo everyone else at the office.
After an ex-girlfriend was diagnosed as being HIV-positive, Bjorn was frightened into studying about AIDS. He learned that condom use was an effective way to protect himself against contracting the disease. According to Rosenstock's health-belief model, Bjorn is likely to practice safe-sex in the future if
He starts to believe that the afforded protection is worth the inconvenience.
Roshan understands that smoking cigarettes is unhealthy, and he is seriously considering quitting. In which stage of readiness is Roshan?
Because she needed help with coping with the stresses of her new job, Melanie consulted a health psychologist. Together, they sorted out the stressful job elements that were subject to change from those that were not. Melanie is currently in which stage of coping with the stress?
Yuki was feeling very upset. After talking with her therapist, she realized that she was upset because she believed that to be a good student she must earn A's in all of her classes. Her therapist worked with her to replace that thought with the thought, "I must work hard in all of my classes in order to be a good student." What method was Yuki's therapist using?
Cognitive restructuring.
After a stressful day at work, Joy finds it helpful to go to the gym and work out. Which type of coping strategy is Joy using?
True / False

Individual factors and characteristics can lead to some types of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
True / False

People have no control over the autonomic nervous system's response to stress.
True / False

Men and women have the same physiological response to stress.
True / False

Your personality traits are an important predictor of how long you will live.
True / False

People with "Type A" behavior are more prone to coronary heart disease (CHD).
True / False

Drinking alcohol is the single most preventable risk factor for fatal illness in the United States.
In the United States, in the first half of the twentieth century, one of the three leading causes of death due to illness was ________, whereas today, one of the three leading causes of death due to illness is ________.
Influenza; coronary heart disease.
According to Hans Selye, the body reacts to stress, predictably, with the general adaptation syndrome which consists of the following three stages:
Alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.
Clifford knelt and asked Tami, "Will you marry me?" Tami's heart rate and respiration increased, and she began to sweat. Which system is responsible for Tami's physical reactions?
Which of the following is not a disease of adaptation?
While taking a final exam, Sarah finds it difficult to concentrate and remember information. Sarah is experiencing which type of stress response?
Bart, after flunking his summer school class, displays a behavioral stress response. Which of the following might that response be?
Bart drops out of school.
The most common symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder are
Nightmares and vivid memories.
The diathesis-stress model suggests that certain psychological disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia, can be blamed on
Inherited and environmental factors.
In Richard Lazarus' classic study of the effects of people's thoughts on their stress responses, which group was most upset by the gory film sequence?
The "unprepared" group.
If you want to become more stress-resistant, you should
Try to be more optimistic.
When it comes to coping with a stressful situation, men are more likely to ________, whereas women are more likely to ________.
Get angry or leave; help and seek the help of others.
In the Terman Life Cycle Study, the participants who tended to live longer were those described by teachers and parents as
Glenda has just been diagnosed as having lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder. When she asks her doctor what autoimmune disorder means, the doctor explains that it means that the cells of the immune system are
Attacking and destroying normal body cells.
The cells that form in bone marrow and are mobilized by the immune system to fight foreign organisms are called
Gretchen took a personality test and found out she has a Type A personality. Having studied psychology, she knows she is at a higher risk for heart disease
If she also displays cynical hostility.
The single most preventable risk factor for fatal illnesses in the United States is
The most preventable cause of birth defects for pregnant women is
Alcohol consumption.
One factor, that has been found to affect decisions about health-related behaviors, which is absent from Rosenstock's health-belief model is the perception
Of self-efficacy.
When Lydia was told that her life depended on adopting a healthier lifestyle, she became determined to change her behavior. She has already passed through the stages of precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, and action. What is the last stage that she needs to undergo to succeed in her goal?
Which of the following is an emotional coping strategy?
Seeking support from others.