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What is Ergonomics?
Attempts to "fit the job to the person"
What is Biomechanics?
It is the study of the human body as a system operating under 2 sets of laws - the biological laws of life & the laws of Newtonian "mechanics"
What is Anthropometry?
Is a science dealing with the measurement of the human body to determine differences in individuals or groups of individuals.
What is Kinesiology?
The scientific study of muscles & human movement. It is the multidisciplinary science encompassing anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour & social & cultural factors.
What does MSI stand for?
Musculoskeletal Injuries.
What is Tendonitis?
Inflammation of a tendon as a result of repeated small tears.
What is Tenosynovitis?
Inflammation of a tendon sheath which produces excess synovial fluid because of friction. Common in the fingers & wrists.
What is De Quervain's Disease?
A special case of tenosynovitis affecting the thumb.
What is Ganglion Cysts?
Cysts formed on a tendon sheath or joint capsule, & filled with synovial fluid, often found on the wrist.
What is a Trigger Finger?
A special case of tenosynovitis affecting the index finger. Tendon sheath will grow thicker which restricts the gliding of the tendon inside it & may in fact prevent movement.
What is Raynaud's Phenomenon?
This is caused by insufficient blood supply to the finger. It can be aggravated by exposure to moderately cooler temperatures & vibration.
What does CTS stand for?
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
What is CTS?
Swelling which puts pressure on the median nerve, at the wrist.
What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?
Similar to CTS but it effects the ankle. It can be aggravated by driving & use of foot pedals.
What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
It is the compression of both the arteries & nerves going from the neck to the arm.
What is Bursitis?
This is an inflammation of the bursa sac where the walls of the bursa can becomes thick & inflamed.
Tendonitis of the Elbow is caused by what?
Constant swinging of the forearm.
When were MSI's discovered?
In the early 1800's.
What are some of the names given to MSI?
Housemaid's knee.
Clergyman's knee/Nun's knee.
Pizza cutter's wrist.
Postman's shoulder.
Carpet layer's knee.
White finger.
What is Degenerative Disc Disease?
This is the drying & flattening of the discs which cause the vertebrae to move closer together.
What is a Herniated Disc?
This is when tears in the outer wall of the disc occur, allowing fluid to be pushed out.
Mental Activity is the term for what?
It is a general term for any job where incoming information needs to be processed in some way by the brain.
There are 2 categories:

1. Brain work in the narrowest sense.

2. Information processing as part of the human-machine system.
What is the Lifting Index formula?
Lifting Index (LI) = Load Weight (L) / Recommended Weight Limit (RWL).