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EBV is a member of the _______ virus family


EBV causes _______ ____________.

infectious mononucleosis

EBV is a ______-stranded ___ virus

double-stranded DNA virus

Mono is often called the " ______ " disease

kissing: primarily transmitted via saliva

Symptoms of mono?

Fever, sweats, fatigue, swollen tonsils - tender lymphadenopathy (generally in post. cervical region), also can get generalized lymphadenopathy

Pharyngitis and tonsillar exudates.

How do you distinguish strep pharyngitis from mono?

strep- more often seen in kids and adolescents. Mono is usually asymptomatic at a young age. More so in late teens and young adults. Patients iwth mono that get treated with amox or ampicilin. will develop a maculopapular rash (not an allergy... mech not understood)

What would you see on a blood smear of someone with mono?

Reactive CD8+ T cells (Downy, or atypical cells) (knight with sword)

"Reactive lymphocytosis"

Large with lots of cytoplasm. Oval, indented or folded nucleus. -- can be seen in many different settings, but most well known for mono

Atypical lymphocytes are mostly CD8+ but can also be ____ cells. WHy do you get splenomegaly?

NK- Both CD8+ and NK cells proliferate which is why your spleen and lymph nodes become enlarged.

EBV remains latent in __ Cells. How does this cell get infected?

B! B cells get infected by the EBV envelope glycoprotein binds to CD21 (Must B 21 to drink).

EBV is also a risk factor for some cancers.. what are they?

In patients with weakened immune systems,

-B cell lymphoma

-Hodgkins - Reed-Sternberg cells that look like owl's eyes.

-Non-Hodgkins - many but one example: Burkitt - endemic or african - large jaw lesion and swelling. In non-endemic or sporadic, it develops in the ileocecum and peritoneum. Most common translocation is t8 - 14

-Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (asian ancestry)

What is another disease caused by EBV that is not precancerous?

Oral Hairy Leukoplakia in HIV patients (guy with long beard and cane). Cant scrape them off

- does not develop into squamous cell carcinoma

How is EBV diagnosed?

during the acute infection EBV activates B cells to secrete heterophile antisheep red blood cell antibodies. They will agglutinate or clump sheep or horse RBCs with the Monospot test!

Treatment of mono caused by EBV?

No drug treatment.

Avoid contact sports for risk of splenic rupture.