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Eye protection

Safety goggles, safety glasses or face shield

Lab coat

Protects body and clothing from spills, and keeps a sterile environment


skin protection, keeps aseptic conditions

Microsoft Word

used to prepare scientific reports

Fire extinguisher

should be easily accessible and rated for chemical and liquid fires

Powerpoint or Keynote

Easy display of text, graphics, charts, and video

Spreadsheet or Database

easy input of large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data

When culturing bacteria, an incubator:

should be closed and the plates sealed tightly

Water bath

used to thaw semen straws, should be used at 99 degrees F for 45 seconds

Graduated cylinder

measures the volume of liquids


Lowest part of the curve on a graduated cylinder


used to mix or agitate small volumes of solution

Hot plate

Applies direct heat to glasswarecontaining laboratory solutions

Uses water to heat or maintain a constanttemperature of laboratory materials or equipment

Water bath


Sealed chamber with controls to managetemperature, used to culture microorganisms

The most common and versatile microscope inagricultural research labs is the:

Compound Light


Instrument used to measure and extractvery small amounts of liquid from a solution


uses high levels of heat andpressure to sterilize instruments and materials, or destroy harmfulorganisms/pathogens.


Instrument used to isolate solids from a solution

When mixing chemicals:

Always pour concentrated acids INTO chemicals

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

information necessary for storage,handling and disposal of a chemical or solution

When handling chemicals:

Only use chemicals that are properlylabeled, with current MSDS

Fume hood

Equipment that removes noxious fumesproduced by chemical solutions from the laboratory

Eye wash/shower

use in case of an emergency in the lab, rinse for minutes

Flammables and acids should be kept in:

Materials storage cabinets